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Current WIPS

Many of you have been emailing about the Corralled series. Thank you for your continued interest in reading more my rowdy cowboys! Yes, I do still have plans for two more books in the series. In fact, you’ll be happy to hear that Riley’s Bargain is my current WIP. I’m hoping to have the book completed and published in early 2012.

Corralled Book 5 ~ Riley’s Bargain (Riley & Steph)

Corralled Book 6 ~ Zeke’s Awakening (Zeke & friends)

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The men of Corralled

Cord Black – Savannah’s Vision       Dakota Blackhawk – Tamara’s Spirit    Jesse Powers – Jesse’s Challenge


Brock Madden – Brock’s Hellion             Riley Jasper – Riley’s Bargain     Zeke Meyers – Zeke’s Awakening




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