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{June 9, 2012}   5 Paddles for Hard Lovin’

Hard Lovin’ gets a 5 out of 5 paddles review from Karen – BDSM Book Reviews.

“It’s amazing to see an author pack this much heat and emotion into such a short story.

“…this is a fun read, with a great ending.  A perfect short story for bedtime or the doctor’s office.”


Four Feathers and 3 Toe Curling for Hard Lovin’ from Francesca — Under the Covers! WOOT!

“I have to admit when this book started off I was thinking to myself “How could I be enjoying this, this is obviously wrong?!?!!”. But it was extremely sexy! Olivia opens the door to a cop who just barges in, puts her against the wall for questioning about a guy that they are looking for and that Olivia, as a nurse, had treated. The questioning is a bit more “intimate” than you would think would be appropriate. 😉

“This story was extremely short but I really enjoyed it.  It was hot and I liked the couple together a lot.  Well done for under 30 pages!”

{March 28, 2012}   Feeling The Love

5 Stars for Good Vibrations from Carnation – Long and Short Reviews

“I found myself believing this story and the characters as though they were real people. The tale of best friends who find they share a deeper love is a popular and realistic fantasy, here made fresh and fun. This story was also hot and wild all the way, with the toys playing a creative role. This is the first time I’ve read something in an erotic scene that was completely new to me…I won’t give it away!

“Nicole Austin’s timing is perfect and the flow of events and dialog leads the reader on an exciting and absorbing romantic journey that pleases the mind and senses. She’s effectively fluent in her writing skill, especially when describing the good vibrations. Whew! Great job, Ms. Austin!

“I look forward to reading more from this dynamic and accomplished author, and highly recommend, Good Vibrations for a choice read.”

Good Vibrations is up for book of the month at Long and Short Reviews. Please stop by to show some love this weekend (Saturday, March 31st through Sunday, April 1st) click here.

for Make Mine A Double and Taken from Julianne – Two Lips Reviews

Make Mine A Double

“Ms. Austin writes a steamy, hot read that kept me turning the pages and then I needed a cold shower when I finished it. All of the characters complimented each other very well and they had depth and lots of emotion. All of the characters complimented each other very well and they had depth and lots of emotion. Make Mine A Double is an enjoyable read that will leave you panting for more.  I’m definitely going to read My Greatest Fantasy to see how Bella, Rhys, Max, and Brayden got together.


Taken by Nicole Austin is a short story packed full of action, emotions, and is fast paced. The storyline is well written and exciting, and keeps the reader turning the pages. I admire Mikael’s strength and his love for Dani; I liked his character very much. I believe Dani loves her husband; she just needs something extra from him and he doesn’t understand why she needs it.

Taken is a sequel to Erotique, a book I haven’t read yet, but you can bet that I will be reading it very soon. I want to learn more about Dani and Mikael and their life together. I really enjoyed reading Taken; it’s a very fast read that would be great for a lunch time break. Read Taken by Nicole Austin today and put a little zing in your day.”

5 of 5 flames from Kitten, Hotly Ever After Reviews

Kitten’s Review:
“This is my first trip into literary erotica with this author. And I have to say that I was not disappointed. From the moment the book started, I was instantly connecting with the main character. Olivia made me smile at times, and at first I wanted to just hug her. Then, the unexpected happened.
“Not only did a cop come banging at her door insisting on entry. But he busted in, pinned her to the wall, and started to search her! And it wasn’t just a normal pat down, oh no! This was every kinksters dirty little cop fantasy come true. A hunky cop that just goes a bit too far. Add in some handcuffs, a wicked hot anal session, and I am totally a goner!
“Not only was this book spicy and totally earns the label of erotica, but it touched me. Somehow this author got me to love both characters, made me crave a good ending for them, and then drew tears from my eyes at the end of the book. Yes, yes, I was crying with Olivia. I won’t tell you why, that would ruin the fun of you reading the story.
“The moment I finished this short, I went in search of the authors other works and can’t wait to read them! It is not an easy task to get that much emotion, storyline, and sex packed into that small of word space. But this author does it for me. She does it, satisfied me, and made me not need more of THIS story, but more from this author in general. If you are in the market for a saucy, quick read, I recommend this!”

5 of 5 Sweet Peas from Mrs. Condit
“Nicole Austin’s HARD LOVIN’ is a very short, very spicy hot story and in order to not give away any spoilers, this review is going to be very short as well. Olivia is home alone on Valentine’s night after a difficult shift as an ER nurse. Her boyfriend Dex is also doing shift work and will not be able to join her. Olivia’s quiet evening is interrupted by someone banging on her door and… I can’t tell you one more thing. You would be well advised to pick up this short story and read it aloud to your Valentine lover. Things just might get really wild and sexy. Let’s just say Olivia’s vibrator will not be needed this night. And there is a terrific, romantic HEA at the end.”

{December 7, 2011}   Lots of Good Vibrations!

Wow! I am absolutely blown away by this comprehensive, amazing review of Good Vibrations by Christin of Saucy & Sinful Reviews and I just have to share her entire review.

“Erotic Romance Author Nicole Austin is just one of the fabulously talented authors of the scrumptious Toys-4-Us series that has this reader mesmerized with her steamy-story, GOOD VIBRATIONS.  Filled with her sizzling characters and boundary-pushing stories with adrenaline charged passion that is ready to ignite and scorch up the sheets…pages.

“It has taken two long years and a girls’ weekend to get Sara Cooper in a Jack Taylor frame of mind.  Jack has always been an intricate part of Sara’s world.  A broad shoulder to cry on after her ex-husband annihilated her self-worth.  Now, Sara is seeing her ‘best bud’ in a whole different light.  With her pink satin Toys-4-Us bag in hand she is on a mission to spike their relation up to full throttle lovers.  She has brought home an arsenal that is up to the job of making jack finally hers.

“It’s been a long time coming to finally get beautiful Sara Cooper to see him in a different light then ‘good ole’ Jack.  Sara has always fir right, in his arms, in his life and now he is about to get that beautiful blonde minx in his bed and prove that he is the only one for her.

“Sex toys and hot phone sex leads to one outstanding moment that rocks both their worlds!  Is mind blowing sex enough?  Or can this be the perfect time that Jack and Sara finally get what they have always wanted…each other.

“GOOD VIBRATION is a wonderfully hot contribution to the Toys-4-us series by a new-to-me-author, Nicole Austin which I am thrilled to have finally discovered.  Austin sets the pages on fire from the word go with a provocative prose that engage her readers into a daringly erotic journey by two very flesh-and-blood characters.  At forty-four, Sara Cooper has just gone through the most humiliating thing a woman can.  After more than twenty-years of marriage to cold snake, Sara found herself downsized for a younger model.  Instead of falling to pieces, this young forty-ish bombshell slaps her backbone back in place and starts over.  Sara shines courage, power, independence and a sassy sexuality that makes readers route for Sara to get her happily ever after.   To go with her happiness, Austin created one very hot daddy that not only hits Sara’s spot but romantic junkie’s spot.  Jack Taylor is smoking hot sex on a stick.  Readers are not left to wonder how these two will end up in bed together.  The thing that readers might wonder about, is why the two hadn’t gotten together sooner.

“Characters are everything or so I’ve read it somewhere.  A book without engaging characters that have been stripped to the bone only to be rebuilt, well, is just a book with black and white print.  Characters are the meat and potatoes of all stories.  GOOD VIBRATIONS has it in spades with Sara Cooper and Jack Taylor.  These two have a variously seductive sassy attitude which makes great for dramatic conflict.  These two where so much fun, I hated to see it come to an end.  I absolutely adore these two and would love to see what happens next in their lives

“GOOD VIBRATION had quite a few elements that grabs a readers attention.  One is the fact that, here is a character in her mid forties going through a major transition in her life and she has the wear-with-all to not cow down, but pulls herself up and make her life better.  Austin does a beautiful job conveying how her ex hand pecked her into ‘his’ perfect woman.  Only to show readers, how genuine Sara was and that she did not need the trappings of high society and money to make a wonderful life for her.  Readers will enjoy how uncomplicated Sara and Jacks’s love for the other is.  It is everything and everyone around that is the complication life, but these two characters are prominent and out front in showing what and who they truly desire.

“Nicole Austin is a wonderful story teller that brings her sassy characters to life with her down-home charms that stir a reader’s imagination through vivid writing.  GOOD VIBRATIONS is a fantasy steeped in an incredible descriptive characterization, setting a provocative tone that transcends readers into Austin’ magical world. Readers not familiar with the lush works of Nicole Austin will become devoted fans after one read.”

{November 21, 2011}   Good Vibrations – Top Pick
“Ah, here’s a tale that will have you seething at one point over the nastiness some women display. Not our heroine, who is adorable, but some females at a party who are jealous of how she looks and how men appreciate her outer packaging. Sara has no clue she has this effect on men, doesn’t see herself that way, which makes you love her even more. Her ex-husband, Richard, is a total weirdo–and I mean weirdo with a capital WUH. He doesn’t seem to get the gist he isn’t married to Sara anymore and says things as though they’re still together. He gave me the damn creeps.
“However, she has the gorgeous Jack, and together they do more than steam up the book pages. Oh my LORD, the sex is HOT and fast, and I loved every bloody word!”

Make Mine A Double reviewed by Emily of Sensual Reads

“Kaylie Ward has given up on men, after yet another failed relationship leaves her scrambling, she knows she needs to refocus her attentions. When she inadvertently ends up in bed with Brayden and Max, she figures why not live out a fantasy it’s not like she would ever get the chance again. Brayden and Max have searched all over the world for their third, finding her snuggled in their bed has them trying to figure out how to convince her that she is the one.

“Charming story, I cracked up when they initially meet. Kaylie flits around with so much gusto that she becomes an instant favorite heroine, she is a perfect match for domineering Max and easy going Brayden. Wonderful read.”

5 Stars and Top Pick by Trish of Night Owl Reviews. Yay me! Thanks, Trish. So glad you loved the sequel.

I was anxious to read this sequel to “My Greatest Fantasy”, because I met Max and Brayden and just couldn’t wait to read their story, and believe me it was worth the wait.

Ever covet what your best friend and neighbor has? Could there be a woman like Bella our there for the two of you? Would traveling the world help you find her or could it be just like in OZ, “there’s no place like home? Max and Brayden are about to find out.

All men are jerks and Steve is the biggest, he really took Kaylie not only for a ride, he took her for everything she had, she is not only broke but also homeless. Thanks to her friend Bella she’s now at least has one gorgeous pad to crash in, since the owners, best buds to Bella and her hubby Rhys are traveling abroad.

What happens when you mix a person who has drunk too much Tequila and one who has overdosed on Nyquil? Maybe the beginning of something great! Are there really “Fairy Tales” and “a happily ever after’s”?

I love the books by Nicole Austin and when I read Bell and Rhys story just knew that Max and Brayden would eventually get their story. I wasn’t disappointed….Nicole Rocks!

I would give this book and extra 5 if I could …just for “Hotness”.

5 Hearts for Cat’s Meow from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. And Cat’s Meow will be up for Sizzling Read of the Month. How awesome is that?!

“Wow! Cat’s Meow was an amazing read, and is the prefect start to the Predators series.

“Micah is ex-miltary and it is reflected in his character. After blowing out his knee on a security job. The company he works for offered him a chance to walk again, with an experiemental treatmeat. They combinded his DNA with that of a lion, in turning making him a lion-shifter.

“Dr. Rebecca Southerby has been hired to work with Micah. Rebecca has a brief history with Micah and hasn’t stopped thinking about him. At first she doesn’t understand why she is there, at least not until Micah shifts into his lion form.

“Cat’s Meow is a roller coster ride that will keep the reader turning the pages. Cat’s Meow has enough action, erotica, and romance to keep everyone happy. Becca and Micah are characters that grip you and won’t let you go.

“Cat’s Meow was an amazing start to the Predators series. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series, Eye of the Tiger. Cat’s Meow is a must reader for paranormal readers, especially those who are a fan of big cats.”

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