Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{April 19, 2012}   New Cover Goodness

Fatal Submission – Erotic Horror

Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Claire Hanson is a submissive in need of a Dom and finding one in rural Illinois in the 1981 is not easy. What she wants is simple, screw limit lists. Just give her lots of hot, sweaty sex where the man takes charge in bed.

The ache to have her desires sated keeps her on edge and her body humming with arousal that Mason Burke intensifies to a whole new level of torture. But Mason has different priorities that come first.

His loss is Dr. Carl Skinner’s lucky break. And bonus, the rich, drop-dead gorgeous Dom has a private dungeon in his basement.

Getting what you want isn’t always a good thing and the game takes a drastic turn Claire never saw coming. According to the Dungeon Master’s victims, submission has fatal consequences and Claire’s time is running out.

Note: This scary tale contains graphic scenes of erotic torture and violence that may cause the reader to stay up late reading with all the lights on.


Oh I like it a lot..Huge congrats

Thanks! I’m having a great book day.

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