Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 7, 2011}   Lots of Good Vibrations!

Wow! I am absolutely blown away by this comprehensive, amazing review of Good Vibrations by Christin of Saucy & Sinful Reviews and I just have to share her entire review.

“Erotic Romance Author Nicole Austin is just one of the fabulously talented authors of the scrumptious Toys-4-Us series that has this reader mesmerized with her steamy-story, GOOD VIBRATIONS.  Filled with her sizzling characters and boundary-pushing stories with adrenaline charged passion that is ready to ignite and scorch up the sheets…pages.

“It has taken two long years and a girls’ weekend to get Sara Cooper in a Jack Taylor frame of mind.  Jack has always been an intricate part of Sara’s world.  A broad shoulder to cry on after her ex-husband annihilated her self-worth.  Now, Sara is seeing her ‘best bud’ in a whole different light.  With her pink satin Toys-4-Us bag in hand she is on a mission to spike their relation up to full throttle lovers.  She has brought home an arsenal that is up to the job of making jack finally hers.

“It’s been a long time coming to finally get beautiful Sara Cooper to see him in a different light then ‘good ole’ Jack.  Sara has always fir right, in his arms, in his life and now he is about to get that beautiful blonde minx in his bed and prove that he is the only one for her.

“Sex toys and hot phone sex leads to one outstanding moment that rocks both their worlds!  Is mind blowing sex enough?  Or can this be the perfect time that Jack and Sara finally get what they have always wanted…each other.

“GOOD VIBRATION is a wonderfully hot contribution to the Toys-4-us series by a new-to-me-author, Nicole Austin which I am thrilled to have finally discovered.  Austin sets the pages on fire from the word go with a provocative prose that engage her readers into a daringly erotic journey by two very flesh-and-blood characters.  At forty-four, Sara Cooper has just gone through the most humiliating thing a woman can.  After more than twenty-years of marriage to cold snake, Sara found herself downsized for a younger model.  Instead of falling to pieces, this young forty-ish bombshell slaps her backbone back in place and starts over.  Sara shines courage, power, independence and a sassy sexuality that makes readers route for Sara to get her happily ever after.   To go with her happiness, Austin created one very hot daddy that not only hits Sara’s spot but romantic junkie’s spot.  Jack Taylor is smoking hot sex on a stick.  Readers are not left to wonder how these two will end up in bed together.  The thing that readers might wonder about, is why the two hadn’t gotten together sooner.

“Characters are everything or so I’ve read it somewhere.  A book without engaging characters that have been stripped to the bone only to be rebuilt, well, is just a book with black and white print.  Characters are the meat and potatoes of all stories.  GOOD VIBRATIONS has it in spades with Sara Cooper and Jack Taylor.  These two have a variously seductive sassy attitude which makes great for dramatic conflict.  These two where so much fun, I hated to see it come to an end.  I absolutely adore these two and would love to see what happens next in their lives

“GOOD VIBRATION had quite a few elements that grabs a readers attention.  One is the fact that, here is a character in her mid forties going through a major transition in her life and she has the wear-with-all to not cow down, but pulls herself up and make her life better.  Austin does a beautiful job conveying how her ex hand pecked her into ‘his’ perfect woman.  Only to show readers, how genuine Sara was and that she did not need the trappings of high society and money to make a wonderful life for her.  Readers will enjoy how uncomplicated Sara and Jacks’s love for the other is.  It is everything and everyone around that is the complication life, but these two characters are prominent and out front in showing what and who they truly desire.

“Nicole Austin is a wonderful story teller that brings her sassy characters to life with her down-home charms that stir a reader’s imagination through vivid writing.  GOOD VIBRATIONS is a fantasy steeped in an incredible descriptive characterization, setting a provocative tone that transcends readers into Austin’ magical world. Readers not familiar with the lush works of Nicole Austin will become devoted fans after one read.”


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