Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{September 8, 2011}   5 Stars and Top Pick for Make Mine A Double

5 Stars and Top Pick by Trish of Night Owl Reviews. Yay me! Thanks, Trish. So glad you loved the sequel.

I was anxious to read this sequel to “My Greatest Fantasy”, because I met Max and Brayden and just couldn’t wait to read their story, and believe me it was worth the wait.

Ever covet what your best friend and neighbor has? Could there be a woman like Bella our there for the two of you? Would traveling the world help you find her or could it be just like in OZ, “there’s no place like home? Max and Brayden are about to find out.

All men are jerks and Steve is the biggest, he really took Kaylie not only for a ride, he took her for everything she had, she is not only broke but also homeless. Thanks to her friend Bella she’s now at least has one gorgeous pad to crash in, since the owners, best buds to Bella and her hubby Rhys are traveling abroad.

What happens when you mix a person who has drunk too much Tequila and one who has overdosed on Nyquil? Maybe the beginning of something great! Are there really “Fairy Tales” and “a happily ever after’s”?

I love the books by Nicole Austin and when I read Bell and Rhys story just knew that Max and Brayden would eventually get their story. I wasn’t disappointed….Nicole Rocks!

I would give this book and extra 5 if I could …just for “Hotness”.


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