Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 20, 2011}   Cat’s Meow “An Amazing Read”

5 Hearts for Cat’s Meow from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. And Cat’s Meow will be up for Sizzling Read of the Month. How awesome is that?!

“Wow! Cat’s Meow was an amazing read, and is the prefect start to the Predators series.

“Micah is ex-miltary and it is reflected in his character. After blowing out his knee on a security job. The company he works for offered him a chance to walk again, with an experiemental treatmeat. They combinded his DNA with that of a lion, in turning making him a lion-shifter.

“Dr. Rebecca Southerby has been hired to work with Micah. Rebecca has a brief history with Micah and hasn’t stopped thinking about him. At first she doesn’t understand why she is there, at least not until Micah shifts into his lion form.

“Cat’s Meow is a roller coster ride that will keep the reader turning the pages. Cat’s Meow has enough action, erotica, and romance to keep everyone happy. Becca and Micah are characters that grip you and won’t let you go.

“Cat’s Meow was an amazing start to the Predators series. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series, Eye of the Tiger. Cat’s Meow is a must reader for paranormal readers, especially those who are a fan of big cats.”


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