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{June 15, 2011}   Strong Arms Of The Law by Cerise Deland

Available today from Ellora’s Cave Publishing!

Every woman values the strong arms of the law. Especially Skye Chamberlain.
She’s a crime writer and she’s in a heap of trouble since she saw a murder by the leader of a Mexican drug gang. But that’s not her biggest problem. Oh, no.
For two months now, she’s been cooped up in witness protection in a teensy weensy house with the biggest, toughest, most maddeningly handsome Texas Ranger.
And he?
Rex Martinez thinks this sassy piece of Anglo ass is the sweetest, wildest chick to ever give him a hard-on.
How can they survive two more weeks of this torment–and keep their hands off each other?

Excerpt (copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand)
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

“We are thirty miles from the nearest town,” she yelled at him.
“Thirty-two point eight miles from the town where you saw them kill those three women and thirty-one point one miles from the court house where you will testify against them. Not so far, lady, that they can’t be all around here.”
“Oh, you are infuriating. They are not out here.” She pointed to the copse of live oaks and tall cacti that surrounded the house they occupied. “They certainly do not get up at seven in the morning to spy on the puta reporter they hate.” She began to walk back inside. “If they are even aware I’m close.”
“You can bet that they’re looking everywhere within a hundred mile radius.” He caught her arm. “That’s why you are here with me and under my care.”
“Don’t you get it? We’ve tried this for two months now, Ranger Martinez, sir. I am not safe here with you!” She struggled with him, her ponytail springing free of its band and that cloud of Marilyn Monroe platinum spilled around her slim shoulders.
“Don’t trust me?” Hell. What would it take to strip these two scraps of fabric off her? A flick of two fingers? No. A court order.
She pushed at his chest to no avail. “I cannot stay in that house with you cooped up like a prisoner!”
“Yeah?” He checked her expression. Pouting. Demanding. “How do you think I feel?”
She snorted, pushing herself flush to his poor melting body. That surprised him. Paralyzed him. She was usually so ladylike, so dainty in how she spoke and how she moved, that this made him blink. Then she rubbed up against him, her plump breasts a fiery brand to his shirt as she cupped a hand over the bulge in his jeans and purred, “Martinez, I know how you feel.”
He clamped a hand on her ass, holding her against him. Like he’d get any relief this way! “No, you don’t.”
“Like now? How could I miss it? With your eyes all over me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cannot pee but what you know it!” She wrenched away from him and stalked her way down the garden path back to the house. “Helluva way to hide out.”
He was hot on her classy little tail, grabbing her arm. “It’s the only way I know to keep track of you.”
“You could at least let me take a swim!” She threw out a hand toward the pool. “That house was built for midgets. And the air conditioner peters out at eighty.”
He chuckled. “What can you expect? It was made when Ike was in the White House.”
She stomped her foot. “Stop being funny!”
“I’ll try mean.” He bared his teeth.
“Do that.” She stifled a smile, but whirled away to hide it.
He was right on her heels. “Where you’re concerned, I’m dedicated.”
She spun and they collided. “To suffocating me, yeah.”
“To keeping you breathing! No swimming. No walks. No swinging on the front porch.”
She huffed, turned and kept on walking. “One Ranger. One tight ass.”
“Yeah. You got a problem with that, tough shit, lady.”
She tramped up the steps of the porch, the cheeks of her ass jiggling beneath the skimpy black panties. He forgot to breathe and halted in his tracks, loving the view.
She yanked open the screen door, tossing back at him. “I like rules. Law and order. Nothing wrong with them. What I’m tired of is being tied down with you.”
He blinked. She was bored with him? What a crock. “Thought you liked how I beat you at cards. Chess, too. Every time,” he rubbed it in.
She spun, hands on her hips. “Why would I?”
He rocked back on his heels and surveyed every inch of the curvy woman in front of him. “Because you have never had a man beat you at anything.”
She stiffened.
“Do I detect a little shiver going up that pretty spine of yours?”
“You do not.”
“You bet I do. I see who you are, lady. Had you pegged after about a week together. Can’t hide from me.”
She began to turn away.
But she froze when he said, “Never had a man you wanted to dominate you, did you?”
He watched her profile closely. The up-turned nose lifted a tad higher. Her trim chin rose a bit more firmly. So. Can’t find the gumption to deny it?
“I didn’t think so, darlin’. It’s okay. You don’t have to admit I’m right. It’s enough that we both know I am.”
“You can’t say that,” she whispered as she stared at him.
The warning in her words only made him madder. He took the steps in two lunges, hauled her up against him and gave in to the red hot torment of her sassy lips. His mouth crashed down on hers. And damn. She was warm, sweet and Christ, was she willing. Her mouth opened, her tongue came out to dance with his, and he got such a juicy piece of her he drew away, stunned.
She stared at him. Her purple eyes growing wider, her mouth parting, swollen.
He wrapped her close, the touch of her sleek supple flesh drilling into his fogged mind and shaking loose one promise. “After this trial is done, you can bet your next paycheck I’m coming after you.”
She pushed away, their rough play dislodging her thin bra, the material hooking on the peaks of her nipples and slipping slowly to the floor. Her heavy breasts bounced as she stepped away.
He watched them. His cock twitched. Tightened.
She shivered as his eyes narrowed.
His tongue slid along his lower lip. “You better go put some clothes on those pretty things fast.”
She pivoted and made for her bedroom and shut the door with a click.
He thrust one hand out against the doorjamb, his eyes closing while he massaged his heavy, unhappy cock.


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