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{April 12, 2011}   My Greatest Fantasy – “What a book!”

What a great week for book reivews, WOOHOO! I am really feeling the love. 😀 Miz McHorny from Miz Love Books has written a fabulous review for My Greatest Fantasy and given it The Golden Nib award.

WOW! What a book! This one had me hooked from the very first sentence. “This whole wild ride started while I was indulging my newest guilty pleasure – voyeurism.” Phew! It just gets better and better as you turn the pages.

“Bella is a great character! She’s feisty and tough at work; she has to be, but at home she loves to sit back and enjoy the view from her balcony—and I don’t mean the powdery sand and the glorious sunsets Florida has to offer! Oh no! The three hot guys next door are ample entertainment for any hot-blooded woman; add in the fact Bella has denied herself love and sex as she’s concentrated on her career, this makes for explosive action when the voyeur finally visits her horny neighbours.

“Ryhs is delicious and one hell of an actor—the role play scene in the middle of the book had me all in a fluster. I want a Rhys!! He’s tough and gorgeous and man enough to accept his desires—with the help of Bella—and the story abounds with heart-stoppingly steamy sex scenes between the two of them and extras.

“The prose is artfully written, particularly Bella’s internal monologue. Travelling with her on this wild ride felt very personal. Understanding her fears and reactions to situations was effortless as the snappy dialogue and heartfelt emotions pulled me along. I was rooting for her and Rhys but also for the others to find their happy ever after too; because the secondary characters, Max and Brayden, are delicious and I can only hope that the talented Ms Austin has more stories in her head which feature these guys!

“My Greatest Fantasy is all about satisfaction. Satisfaction on every physical and emotional level you can think of. It has a fast-paced plot and sumptuous scenes making it a must read for fans of contemporary erotic romance, though even if that’s not normally your cup of tea, treat yourself to this one, you won’t regret it!”


Awesome and well deserved review, Nic.

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