Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 11, 2011}   Taken is “Smoking Hot”

3 Cherries From Tiger Lily of Whipped Cream Reviews

“Holy guacamole Batman, this book is hot!!!

“Catchphrases aside, this is one smoking book. I needed more than a fan and a cool drink. I needed to fix my ereader and smooth out the melted spots. I knew from the blurb what I was going to get in this story, but it is way hotter than any blurb. Phew.

“I’ve read other books by Ms. Austin, and she never fails to bring out the heat factor. Her writing is nice and fluid, drawing me into the story and the worlds of Mikael and Dani. The chemistry between them is palpable and I didn’t want it to end—once it started. I have to note, this is a sequel–Erotique–and even thought I didn’t read that book first, I didn’t feel I’d missed anything. This story stands on its own quite well…

“If the reader is looking for something hot for a cool night, this story delivers. And I have to add the love between Dani and Mikael does come across as aching yet strong. I know, that sounds like a strange way to describe a love story, but trust me, it fits. There are moments of agony, sweetness, and white hot heat.

“If you want a story that will warm everything in the room to boiling, you need to read Taken.”


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