Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{October 16, 2010}   My Greatest Fantasy – 4.5 Cherries – Please Vote!

Sweet Pea from Whipped Cream Reviews has given My Greatest Fantasy a 4.5 Cherries rating and it’s up for Book of the Week. WOOT! Thanks, Sweet Pea. Everyone’s response to this book has been wonderful. I’m so glad y’all are enjoying Bella’s naughty story.

Please stop by Whipped Cream Reviews <click here> on Saturday or Sunday to vote for your favorite book of the week! There are a lot of popular authors up for the honor. Thanks for voting, especially if you cast your vote for My Greatest Fantasy. 😀

Sweet Pea’s Review…

“Wouldn’t we all love to have our deepest desires made into reality, even more so if we find true love in the process?

“Isabella Blackburn is a very sexual creature, but she reins it in to the best of her abilities. After numerous nights of spying on her sexy neighbors and their sexual exploits on the deck, she is surprised to get an invitation to join in the fun. The foursome eventually turned into more, when she fell madly in love with Rhys. Marriage changes everything not only for the couple but the friends that brought them together too.

“Rhys and Isabella are a great couple, both honest with their sexuality, which makes them even stronger as characters. The chemistry in the book was explosive, not only between Rhys and Isabella, but also between Max and Brayden. One of the best things is that everyone got their happily ever after. I wasn’t left wondering about what happened and I loved that.

“This book is filled with steamy sex and even sexier men. Written in the heroine’s point of view you still fall madly in love with the other characters in the book. Ms. Austin does a great job of describing everything to where you feel a part of the book and making you want to read more. This is definitely worth the read.”


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