Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{October 12, 2010}   Feeling The Love

WOOT! Miranda from Joyfully Reviewed love my books. And better yet, she gets it! YAY! One reviewer was upset that I didn’t start Eye of the Tiger with Nash’s actual escape from Nanotech but instead began with him running into Jenny. Miranda got why I handled it that way. She rocks! I also love that she gives honest reviews. Have a Little Faith in Me wasn’t her favorite. Quickies in general aren’t my favorite. It’s very difficult to fit enough into such a short length story, which is why I haven’t done many of them. What a great way to kick off my weekend!

Cat’s Meow is a sexy romp that features a delectable lion shifter and a beautiful doctor who can soothe his every need.  From their first touch in a darkened bar you can feel the heat between Micah and Becca.  I enjoyed this book.  It is a great start to a series!  Micah and Becca were great characters.  I loved how she has insecurity issues and I always go gaga over a sexy man that can flush those insecurities down the toilet.  I also love the fact that when Micah becomes a lion shifter it doesn’t just come naturally to him.  He has problems adjusting to his beast and has difficulty controlling his new abilities.  I loved the secondary characters and cannot wait to find out more about them.  Nicole Austin has created an exciting world. She definitely left me wanting more.”

Eye of the Tiger is a smart, sexy, hot story.  I just totally fell in love with Jenny and Nash.  Their story is so sweet it had me tearing up at one point.  Jenny is a straight-talking, independent woman.  Jenny brings the funny to Eye of the Tiger.  She has a fight with her GPS—who doesn’t!  She gets into the middle of a Lion, Tiger face-off and tells them to, ‘Play nice kitties.  Ignore the silly human.  You’ll have a better time chasing each other.’

“Jenny has many great one liners that will make you laugh hysterically.  Nash is a strong man that can show his soft side.  I really liked the twist of how they ended up on that same road at the same time.  I love the fact that Eye of the Tiger is drastically different from the first book in the series, Cat’s Meow.  Instead of focusing on the horrible Nanotech, Eye of the Tiger focused on Jenny and Nash’s relationship, their reunion, and the new complications of Nash having his DNA altered.  Eye of the Tiger has the purrfect combination of fiery passion and action.”

Foxy Lady is one hot seduction.  When Shira and Lex are together the sparks fly.  I loved the teasing between the two of them.  They both think they are one-upping the other, yet they are really seducing each other.  Shira and Lex are both strong, stubborn people not willing to give in.  It is great to see them both face the feelings that they have for each other.  I love that Shira calls him Lexilicious and the entire scene with the sex toy was priceless I was laughing hysterically!  I have been waiting for Lex’s story since the first book in the series Cat’s Meow because he was so funny and endearing and I was not disappointed with Foxy Lady.  Foxy Lady brought back the characters from the first two books.  I really enjoyed catching up with Micah and Becca from Cat’s Meow and the introduction of her father was great!  Foxy Lady was fast-paced adventure with an excellent twist on the evil villain.”

Kenna’s Cowboy is the fourth book in the Hearts of Fire series.  However, it is not necessary to have read the other books to understand and enjoy this book.  Nicole Austin did an amazing job of tying all the other books together, giving you all the important information and making you want to go back and read the other books.

“Characters are really important to me when reading a book, in Kenna’s Cowboy I enjoyed Kenna so much.  I loved her stubborn sarcastic nature.   She has one of my favorite lines in the book she says, ‘You want me to go find my yin so we can make some little yangs.  I get it…but I don’t want it.’  The line made me laugh but also made me empathize with her.  If I was handed this insane destiny at 18, I would be refusing to acknowledge it as well.  I’m a big fan of cowboys so, of course I love Ryker.  Ryker has the good ole southern boy down pat and he is the perfect counterpart to Kenna’s hard edges.  As always it seems Ms. Austin creates complex characters whose passion leaps of the pages.  Kenna’s Cowboy has the perfect combination of action, hot sex, and characters you want to learn more about.  I am definitely looking forward to Entwined Hearts, book five in this series!”

Have a Little Faith in Me is a part of the Hussies series.  I felt a little lost regarding the mysticism behind the story.  However, I did enjoy Andi and Darius’ story.  They each have a unique story that brought them to this point, a critical point in both of their lives.  I liked the concept; it is really difficult to put yourself in someone else’s hands and just have faith.  Having faith in someone else often pushes us to our limits.  While I enjoyed most of this story the ending was a bit brief for my taste.  This is a good read but not my favorite from Ms. Austin.”


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