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{October 8, 2010}   Guest Blogger Crystal Kauffman

Saving Lady IlsaHello and thanks for stopping by! It’s day 6 of my world tour promoting my newest release, Saving Lady Ilsa and I’m happy to be with Nicole Austin today.

As two secondary characters make an appearance in Secret Seduction, I thought it would be a perfect day to bring up the subject of secondary characters, and ask what you think of them. A critique partner once told me a secondary character in the story she read was too bold, I’d given her too much on-screen time. While I agreed somewhat, because after all the main story should be the hero and heroine, it pained me to tone down this character because I loved her so much.

As a reader I love secondary characters, especially those swashbuckling sidekicks and well-meaning lovable best friends who help the character get into trouble. I especially love when authors write sequels that give them their own story. It’s like revisiting old friends.

What’s your take on secondary characters? Love ‘em, or hate ‘em?

Here’s chapter six of Secret Seduction, my free short story which takes place parallel to Bradford and Ilsa’s story in the servants’ quarters.

Chapter Six: Secret Seduction

“Bloody hell, man, you’ve been moping around for a week.” Buford Trenton slugged back his brandy. “Is it because you lost your wager?”

Vander glared at him.

“No, it couldn’t be, because you never entered the wager,” William cut in.

Vander shoved to his feet and paced the grand drawing room of William’s hunting lodge. He would be the first to admit he was wretched company. But he couldn’t get her out of his mind!

“For God’s sake, man. I’ve never seen you so torn up over a chit before. Not even that dancer, what was her name?”

“Evangeline Beaumonde,” Buford supplied.

Vander waved his hand, irritated. That girl had been a scandalous fling purely for the excitement of being scandalous, and he’d been the one to break it off when he discovered he was not her only lover.

Angelina had been innocent. He’d known the moment before he’d taken her chastity that he shouldn’t, that he should be the noble gentleman he was raised to be and refuse to ruin her, but she’d smelled so sweet and felt so soft and been so willing…

“You love her.” There wasn’t a trace of slur in Buford’s claim.

Vander sank into a jacquard Queen Anne and drove his fingers into his hair. “I do.”

“Then marry her,” William declared.

“If it were only so simple.”

Buford sat in the matching love seat across the small marble table from him. “Simple, no. But possible? Yes.” He crossed his leg over his other knee, looking smug.

Vander sat up. “My father will never allow me to marry a servant girl.”

“Listen to me, Talbot.” William took the matching chair beside Vander and pierced him with a stare. “You two know the day my father died I let out a breath I’d been holding for twenty-five years.”

He gave a quick glance to Buford, who also knew the private details of his horrific upbringing. As if trying to force him into being as unforgiving a lord as he was, his father had beaten him brutally for the slightest infraction, even once for being too kind to a stable boy. Despite his heavy hand, William had grown up into an affable and easygoing chap with many friends.

“I understand you respect and admire your own father, but if he’s too set in his ways to allow you the free choice in a bride, I say a small trick to appease his sense of propriety will do him no harm.”

Vander narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Buford and I have been talking. We’ve the perfect idea to see you wedded to a polite young lady of means.”

* * *

The word in today’s treasure hunt: “be”

Thank you Nicole for having me! Don’t miss the conclusion of my tour tomorrow at my own blog for the final hint and the conclusion of Secret Seduction. For the first chapters and all the information on my contest, visit my website.


Wow it’s getting near the end of my tour and already entrants have correctly guessed my phrase. I hope y’all are enjoying my short story, Secret Seduction!

Cathy M says:

I read a lot of series books, so love secondary characters who eventually get their own story.

Maria63303 says:

I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts at the various blogs. I do love a good secondary character- written correctly they provide great support for the primary hero and heroine. The secondary characters are necessary background and there is nothing wrong with writing a secondary character that people remember reading in the story.

Fedora says:

I really like supporting characters–generally they really can add to the story and help provide a foil for the main characters. For ones I really enjoy, I like to hope that they’ll get their own stories eventually 🙂

SiNn says:

this sounds freaking awesome too

chris roberts says:

Love secondary characters. They are what makes sure that I will have a series to read. 🙂

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