Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{October 4, 2010}   5 Heart Sweetheart

Oh. My. God! Thank you for voting and making My Greatest Fantasy The Romance Studio’s 5 Heart Sweetheart book of the week! I am absolutely blown away.

This story will blow you away. First with the raw sexual hunger which combusts between all these characters and with the wonderful way the author writes dialogue. Nicole Austin’s writing is funny, sexy, raw and very real. You will feel like you’re talking with your girlfriend. Bella dishes it out never holding back; speaking frank and honest about how she feels and what she wants even when she is scared or insecure. There is humor throughout this story and a depth of character and plot you may not expect with such great sex scenes. Ms. Austin has written a humorous love story that will fold you in warmth and smiles while still wiping your tights from the last explosion. The story spans enough time you feel connected to the characters and are able to see how and if the many relationships in this story are able to survive. It is easy to think of Bella as a friend who you would share the ups and downs of life with. You will easily support all her hard work ethics and cheer for her joy when she gets the guy(s). I highly suggest getting My Greatest Fantasy for a hot sexy story you will read many times!” – Michele 


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