Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{September 4, 2010}   Lots of Sparkly Angels :D

Wow, I hit the jackpot with Fallen Angels Reviews and received 4 in one day. WOOHOO! Thanks, Bella and Contessa! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books. 😀

Tempestuous – 5 Angels from Bella “Delicious”
“Tempestuous was, in a word: delicious. What a molten, thoroughly spine-melting read! What a heady experience to come under the watchful eye of someone like Niko, a man much sought after. And yet, Evie does all her power to be completely unimpressed. Some of her sassy comebacks, which Niko considered Bratting, made me laugh so hard until I was gasping for breath.

“When Niko and Evie finally quit dancing around each other and finally began the dance of even more sensuality, they were nothing short of explosive. Of course, romances being what they are, misunderstanding or lack of knowledge ensued. I won’t spoil the ending except to say I loved how romantically it all came together, something I didn’t expect but it left me thoroughly satisfied. I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Austin’s works in the future.”

Predators Trilogy from Contessa

Cat’s Meow – 4 Angels
“Book One in Nicole Austin’s Predators series started out with a bang. From beginning to end, I was on an emotional roller coaster trying to catch my breath from one exciting scene to the next. Micah was a true alpha to the core; yet, he knew just when to let Rebecca take control over him and his newly found abilities. Likewise, Rebecca was strong-willed, very smart and she knew just how to handle Micah. The passion showcased between the couple was fierce and wickedly naughty. Whew! Cat’s Meow is one thrilling novella that you don’t want to miss.”

Eye of the Tiger – 4 Angels
“Eye of the Tiger, Book Two in Nicole Austin’s Predators series was a pleasure to read from start to finish. The plot flowed so smoothly and in such a quick fashion that I completed this book in one setting. Ms. Austin has managed to weave a magnificent paranormal tale filled with red hot passion and a touch of thrilling suspense to keep the storyline intriguing. Nash was very strong-willed and a true alpha, while Jenny was very sassy and totally committed to Nash without question. It was easy to see the intense love and genuine closeness between the couple… ye of the Tiger was a joyous read. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Austin has in store with another shifter that made a cameo appearance in Eye of the Tiger.”

Foxy Lady – 5 Angels
Nicole Austin’s Foxy Lady was a fast paced, highly erotic tale that I greatly enjoyed reading. Both Shria and Lex were very forceful, powerful characters that butted heads at every turn. Needless to say there was a lot of conflict going on both in and out of bed. The sexual tension was sizzling hot and very lustful in nature. Add in a gripping suspenseful element and you have a winning plot on your hands with Foxy Lady.

While, Foxy Lady is Book Three in the Predators series, it can be read independently because Ms. Austin did a magnificent job of giving enough background information so that the reader will not feel like you started in the middle of a saga. Nevertheless, I would suggest grabbing the first two books within this series for further reading pleasure.


Congrats on all the great reviews, Nic!

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