Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{August 28, 2010}   Tempestuous – 5 Kisses

Victoria from Two Lips Reviews had given Tempestuous an awesome 5 Kisses review. WOOT! I love this review so much I’m printing it out and posting it in my writing area. 😀

“The minute I started Tempestuous, I couldn’t flip through its pages fast enough becoming utterly delighted with Nicole Austin’s wonderful main and supporting characters in this BDSM feast.  Evie is a highly independent woman who lives in the world of books.  Reading fictional stories and researching the BDSM lifestyle provides her with an ample fantasy life.  She wonders if someday she’ll be able to savor its delights.  When a helpful couple offers to take her as an observer to a D/s club, she leaps at the opportunity to get her feet wet in these mysterious waters. 

“Mouthing off to Niko in Rendezvous sets off a chain of events neither was counting on.  While Niko finds Evie utterly delectable and would love to sample her charms, her mouthiness gives him the excuse to ‘claim’ her for the night.  Woooo!  Does he ever claim her!  His masterful use of language and sex toys on a very eager Evie demonstrates his much deserved reputation within the D/s community as a highly knowledgeable and creative Dominant.  Relishing in her submission, he calls her ‘moy kotik’, and every time he says it he not only affected Evie but my panties as well! 

“I most enjoyed the way Evie flourishes under Niko’s tutelage as Ms. Austin wisely gives us a submissive who could match Niko in intelligence and honesty.  At one point in their story, Evie has a stumbling block which a lesser Dom would have exploited, utterly humiliating her.  Niko patiently encourages Evie to try again and that’s the point when I instinctively knew that he’d not only won her heart but mine as well.  Tempestuous is the first story I’ve read by Nicole Austin, but it won’t be the last.  I sincerely hope she returns to this D/s universe she’s created, giving us some of the secondary couples’ stories which are so fascinatingly featured in this great BDSM story.”


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