Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 27, 2010}   Tempestuous – Top Pick!

Trish from Night Owl Reviews has named Tempestuous as a Top Pick and rated the book 5 stars. Thanks so much, Trish! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Evie & Niko’s story. 😀

“Imagine you are an erotic bookseller who dreams of experiencing some of the things you have read in the books you sell. You are at an erotic convention and make friends with a couple who practice dom/submissive and they have invited you to go with them to a private club ‘just to observe’. Enter a male friend of theirs who has the face and body of a God and wants to become your instructor into this lifestyle. Do you go with them or to the Elton John concert? If you make the right decision you could experience things you could only imagine. Do you play the role? Do you accept the punishment if you don’t follow the rules? Are you frightened by the thought of whips, chains and erotic toys or are you truly interested in how they work and make you feel. Are you ready to let it all go?

“Read this exciting story and experience what Evie finds out about becoming a submissive. Go behind the scenes and learn what exactly the roles of the Dom/submissive, Dom/slave are. I personally found it very informative as well as growing with Evie and Niko. I now have a much better understanding but am still curious.”


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