Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 14, 2010}   Tempestuous Rated 4 Cherries

Sweet Pea from Whipped Cream rated Tempestuous 4 Cherries. WOOT! Thanks, Sweet Pea. I’m so glad you enjoyed Niko & Evie’s story.

“BDSM never sounded this great. Evie Sloan is a business woman, with a curious side. Nicko Kovalenko is a Dom without a sub. Both have an instant attraction that is hard to ignore. That can only get better with explorations.

“This book was absolutely amazing. Normally I am not into the whole BDSM thing. Don’t get me wrong I will read them, but sometimes the author makes the Doms far too dominant for my taste. Niko was absolutely my favorite Dom I have read so far. He actually cared enough about Evie to try new things. Most time an author makes it to where the Dom is either you do this or else and never tries anything new. Also normally I get thrown off by the lack of spine in the women. I love a woman to be able to voice her own opinion and have a little something to say. Evie is the best example of this that I have ever seen – still submissive, but on her own terms.

“This author did a very good job of introducing you into the world of BDSM. She took very great steps to make sure that not only the character knew what was going on, but also that the readers that have not read this before. It was great to get easily slide into the world and understand the certain aspects of what happens in this society.”


Congrats on the well deserved review!!!! You are getting so many good ones on this. WOOT

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