Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 13, 2010}   Tempestuous Rated 5 Dark Ravens

MacKenzie from Black Raven Reviews gave Tempestuous an awesome review! YAY! Thanks so much, Mackenzie. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Niko & Evie’s story. And yes, I am considering a sequel. 😀

“Tempestuous certainly sums up the heroine to this story…well it is most likely an apt description for both main characters; emotional, passionate, and wild. Evie was such a great heroine for Tempestuous by Nicole Austin. She was outgoing, yet reticent; bold and daring, yet reserved. The dichotomies of her personality were what made this story all the more realistic. Aren’t we all a little bit of everything from time to time, as situations change? It was great to see a character that was so relatable. Niko was your typical dominant, alpha male personality…well, that’s all I’m going to tell you about him, but you’ll find he’s much more than that as well.

“As you can probably tell, the character development in Tempestuous was great. You were dragged into their lives and were able to watch the entire goings on as if you had a front row seat. The flow of the book was perfect; each page had you wanting to turn to the next. I hadn’t read a Nicole Austin story before, but I can assure you it won’t be my last.

“The BDSM scenes and sexual content were unique and always fresh throughout the story. The passion between the characters was outstanding. The ending left you satisfied, but wanting more. There is certainly room for a sequel with Evie’s friend and Gage, and I, for one, am hoping that Ms. Austin has that book planned. If you haven’t read a story by this author, this may well be the perfect one to start with.”


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