Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{June 25, 2010}   Tempestuous – Niko

I am a very visual person and when I write my heroes, I like to have an actual inspriational picture. Niko, in Tempestuous, is modeled after Niko from PlayGirl. Whoo-damn! He’s so yummy!



Ooh, he’s beautiful! I can see why you chose him as inspiration.

He actually does the costume strut thing on Hollywood Blvd. And in 2011 RT is in LA. OMG! Might have to go to RT just to take a trip out to Hollywood and hunt him down. RAWR!

I can always count on you for the best man candy around!

I lust Niko! He’s just delicious.

dreabecraft says:

He puts new meaning to dark and handsome doesn’t he

Mmm…he sure does! That first picture he looks like a vampire.

He’s definitely inspiring!

suzie2672 says:

I am a book reviewer for Romance Junkies. I just finished reading this book – it was so wonderful. Here you will find the review:

Suzie Housley

Oh, my! He is yummy. You’re right, Nicole, he could play a vampire easily. If not that, I can see him as some sort of brooding sorcerer… 🙂 Presents all sorts of neat ideas!

Danni says:

Hey I remember him… he used to strip at a couple local gay bars in long beach and Hollywood. He is hot! Very sexy that ass so yummy… I know from experience, then he dissapeared wow here he is….

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