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{April 26, 2010}   Saddle Broke by Darah Lace


Lindsey Baker knows Clay Talbot’s dirty little secret—he likes to watch, he likes to share, and he likes his sex a little on the rough side. So does she. Six years ago he was quick to brush her off for being too young and inexperienced. Now she’s back in small town Grayson, Texas, determined to show Clay she’s all grown up and knows exactly what she wants—him.

Clay doesn’t play in his own backyard. His dark cravings are better fed at Silver House, a private fetish club where his identity is protected and his privacy respected. And where the women know the score. But Lindsey Baker pushes all the right buttons and he soon finds himself torn between keeping her at the edge of his world and dragging her into it.

Saddle up for a smokin’ hot turn between two cowboys who like a little twist with their ride!

Nic’s Recommendation:

Money is tight for everyone these days so when choosing how to spend your book funds more often than not most will go for the author they know. I understand totally. You take a risk when you purchase books from new authors. I took that risk on a book that sounded good and picked up Saddle Broke by Darah Lace. It was money very well spent because this is the hottest book I have read in quite some time! Sexy cowboys, some domination and bondage, a strong heroine who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, a menage hot enough to melt your ebook reader…what’s not to love.

Saddle Broke is a definite must read. There’s not one point in this fast paced book where I lost interest or skimmed. And once I started reading there was no putting it down until I turned the last page. Be careful, this book is liable to fog up the screen of your reader! Saddle Broke is going on my to be read again and frequently stack and Ms. Lace has earned a place on my autobuy list. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this great read that will not disappoint!

Saddle Broke is available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Visit Dara Lace’s website to find out more about the author. And continue reading below for a super hot teaser from the book.

©Copyright Darah Lace
Note: This excerpt is intended for those readers 18 years old or older.


Outside The Lucky Draw, Lindsey slumped against the wall, laid a fluttering hand to her chest and blew out a shaky breath. She’d almost pulled it off. For a while there, she thought she wouldn’t, and then she’d been so close.

If Tyler hadn’t interrupted, Clay Talbot would finally be hers. At least for the night.

But she hadn’t expected him to show up on a Thursday night. She wasn’t prepared. She’d been up to her nose in receipts and bills since arriving on Sunday, trying to understand her daddy’s inventive accounting method. When she saw Clay sitting at the back table, she’d rushed upstairs to her room above the bar, found the first sexy outfit she could lay her hands on, freshened her makeup and hurried back down, afraid she’d miss him.

According to gossip, Clay hardly ever came to town and when he did, it was always a Friday or Saturday. And only for a drink or two, maybe a game of pool. He never left with anyone.

Lindsey didn’t doubt it for a minute. Clay was too careful.

The door swung open and her breath caught as the man himself emerged alone. He scanned the parking lot for a moment, giving Lindsey time to take a deep breath and don her armor.

She wasn’t sexually aggressive by nature, but Clay didn’t do meek. Submissive, yes, but shy virgins weren’t on the menu. He’d been quick to tell her that six years ago. But she’d been young and worse, a fool for believing she could seduce him in her newest babydoll tank and bubblegum lip gloss.

Well, she wasn’t seventeen anymore, and when Lindsey had decided to come home and take over the business, besides the doctor’s orders for her father to reduce the stress on his heart, Clay Talbot had been at the top of her list of reasons why.

Damn, he was even more delicious than memory served. Under that black Stetson, black hair curled over his collar and ears. A dark green and navy plaid western shirt stretched over broad shoulders and tapered to a trim waist. Dark indigo jeans hugged narrow hips and accentuated long, muscular legs. And God, the way they outlined the perfect curve of his ass—not to mention the package on the other side.

Lindsey stepped out of the shadows. “Did you make up your mind?”

At the sound of her voice, he turned and pinned her with those chocolate eyes that had darkened to nearly black with lust. “Yep.”

His long legs covered the distance between them in two strides. He latched on to her wrist and pulled her with him as he kept going.

She risked a glance over her shoulder. “Isn’t Evan coming?”

“I’m sure he will by the end of the night. Just not with us.”

“Too bad. He looked like he’d play nice.”

“We don’t play nice. Ever.”

A shudder slipped over her and her nipples tightened. She didn’t want nice. She wanted Clay and everything he was capable of. “Where are we going?”

They turned the corner of the building and headed across the parking lot. Gravel crunched under her boots as she practically ran to keep up with him. The security light faded the farther they went. She’d have to get that fixed.

He spun her around and the bite of cold metal made her gasp as he flattened her against the side of a truck. Large, calloused hands fanned her face, and his mouth slanted across hers, parting her lips with the thrust of his tongue. Her tummy fluttered. Her heart pounded. She sucked him in, his urgency and the fact he didn’t bother to hide it making her lightheaded.

Lindsey reached for his hair to yank him closer, but he caught her wrists and her bracelets clanged against the glass of the window above her head. He jammed a knee between her thighs and ground his hips against her belly. A groan rumbled from his chest, vibrating through the thick fabric covering her breasts. Moisture flooded her thong. She strained against him, needing more, needing his hands on her everywhere—her breasts, her ass, her pussy.

Letting go of her wrists to palm the underside of her ass, he eased away just enough to lift her higher, then slammed his weight back into her. His tongue swept the cavern of her mouth as his fingers dug into the tender flesh of her thighs and urged them upward. She complied with his silent demand and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles.

The ridge of his cock met her swollen clit. She cried out in his mouth. Showing no mercy, he captured her wrists again in one hand and cupped her breast with the other. Strong fingers yanked the leather down, and he clasped the taut nipple between thumb and forefinger. He pinched and rolled the beaded tip as, with undulating hips, he simulated a hard, fast fuck.

Streaks of fire shot from her clit in short bursts, keeping time with the pumping rhythm, flaring higher. She tried to match his tempo, to reach the pinnacle of climax he drove her toward, but whimpered when she couldn’t move, pinned as she was between his rock-hard body and the truck.

His hand abandoned her breast to tunnel through her hair. With a tight grip, he tilted her head back. His breath fanned in rapid huffs against her lips. “I need to fuck you.”

Her chest rose and fell as she too gulped air at an alarming rate. She craned her neck, trying to coax him back to her mouth, but the hand in her hair tightened. Her scalp stung, yet the pain only enhanced the sensation flooding her body. She dug her heels into his back. “What are you waiting for?”


Ohmigosh, thank you so much, Nicole. I had a lot of fun writing Clay and Lindsey’s story and it thrills me to know others love them as much as I do.


I LOVED this book! It made me an insta-fan of Darah Lace. 🙂

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