Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{January 15, 2010}   Backup, Backup, Backup!!!

Backup is the word of the day!

I’ve had something nasty lingering on my small laptop (not my writing computer) for a while now and after doing everything I could to clean out the infection, I was just waiting for it to crash. Most likely it’s something I picked up while surfing for all my yummy inspirational photos. Well, it finally did crash. Thankfully, I am paranoid (due to prior computer issues) and have all my writing files backed up to Dropbox (up to 2GB free) and an even larger amount of files backed up to Carbonite (unlimited space and well worth the $55/year).

Considering the size of my Carbonite restore file (43GB) it’s going to take a few days for everything to be back in place but at least all my important data (photos, ebooks, music) and settings (internet favorites list, email contacts, etc) are safe and will eventually be back on my computer. The cool thing about Dropbox and Carbonite is once you select what you want backed up it happens automatically as you add and delete from those files so you don’t even have to think about it.

Back up. Yes, you. Do it now! Trust me!


Soooo damn sorry about the computer issues. I’ve been there and it’s not a bit of fun.

Its a pain but my computer is actually working better now so its all good.

GladysMP says:

Computer crashes are murder. Been there. Done that. And, as you warned, I lost everything. Glad things are getting back in order for you.

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