Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 30, 2009}   Hi There!

It seems that my little blog has gotten quite popular the last couple of days (about 4 times as many views per day), which gets my curiosity all worked up. So do tell, someone, anyone…what got you to click a link and wind up here? Did you stop by to check out my inspirational pictures? To check out info on my books? Do tell! Pretty please! Inquiring minds are dying to know.


Elizabeth says:

I received a Kindle for Christmas this year and I’ve been checking author’s websites for new books to read.

Very cool, Elizabeth. I hope you like the Kindle. I got a Nook and I love it!
Thanks for stopping by.

jennifer mathis says:

well i stumbled on your site through the romance studio but now that I have seen the men I may never leave lol. You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming 🙂

Welcome, Jennifer! I’m glad you found me. 😀

JimmyDsnake says:

Just dropped in to see who you were since a friend of mine seem to think you’re the best looking celebrity out there and the only woman he’d leave his wife for…lol. I think Denise Richard is just as beautiful and gorgeous as yourself. Like they say “To each his own”


Umm…thanks but you must be thinking I’m someone else. That seems to be quite common lately, people thinking I am Nicole “Coco” Austin, the model married to rapper Ice-T. I am definitely not her. No silicone or rappers here. LOL!

jennifer mathis says:

lol I think I would still take the compliment Denise Richards is Hot and to be compared lol.

Yeah, I’m definitely flattered by all the requests for signed photos. The first requests shocked me until I found out Coco and I have the same name.

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