Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 23, 2009}   Rat $%*@%^! Pirates

Eye of the Tiger released today and already the pirates have posted the book to their file sharing sites and let all the other despicable pirates know where to find it. Come on, cas88kaf. Shouldn’t I be entitled to at least one full day of sales before you start stealing my work? Did you know that because of the extreme loss in book sales due to piracy I have considered quitting writing? And if I do quit you can all thank the ebook pirates, especially these specific users…            

cas88kaf, cdr79, Galactic_Empress (LeeAnn), sdtlb1, kas101, kitykaty (Valerie Brown), blackgang, babysister, riverton, poesy, blakroze, replaces, miat, bodmas, Seventhousand, Magic58a, 2vivid, alsynn, buttons726, Ana.G (Ana Garcia), randomonawhim, poptartpsycho18, akirachan1 (Terri),  bobbylon, iaiauru, angelawilliams (Angela Williams), jac8604, nehra07, GypsiSol, eyefollie, carolotter, tab55, hellonearth696, 12345ang, LazyArtist, booklover98, JellyBeaNI90, bree12712, madwidow, br931x, moonpal, sw2203, LilyChillibean, Bookworms United,  MarianneTM, Jera_M, mrsdrdisk, danielle, snofl8k3, AubreyC, luv2read, aelisabeth, Ashyachu, black_kitten, bookswormbook, Carrie289, chaosregion, charco, curiouser, Danimp23, fettboba, glasslord, grounded kitty, happyalice, hideacow, itsmethabi, Jeram, lady3432, Lady_Ambar, libertasoptima, lulubelle, lunahawk, lynn17, mamu21, manuchaolinka, mcebooklovin, MizzDH, Mushfiqul, pachy70, pdthomas1221, phienix, prescel, puschel998, ridemcowgrl, sebset, Shadia222, spassibo, spuarepeg, Starrfire7, Steamybooklover, stellalana, Tamara1, tdadams29, testy.test, Thing Two, transparent, vampladyaudio, wichita1, ynnej, ynt, IRAE, RuiChiu, distracted_reader, Sara

real names when available in parenthesis


I hope you don’t stop writing 😦 But I can only try to understand your frustration with this. It’s not right (and no I am not the same booklover as the one listed above)

I hope to keep writing. The next couple of months will show if its worth doing so or not. If I’m not making anything from the books there are other things I can do instead of write.

Lycanine says:

Please don’t do that, I’ll be crushed if you ever stopped writing…
Frankly, I’ll rather pay you directly via paypal for yer shape-shifter books.

Anyway to make the file sharing site to ban them from sharing ebooks?

Thank you, Lycanine. I’m so glad you enjoy my shifters that much!

Whenever I see new links posted for illegal downloads I send notices to the file sharing sites to have the files removed. Of course, as soon as one is taken down they add two more links so its a constant battle.

I love writing and hope to continue doing so for many years but if sales continue to fall because of the pirates, I will have to consider focusing my efforts in a different direction.

mrsdrdisk is one of the worst. Why be such a looser? Someday I’m gonna find out where you live, mrsdrdisk. Then maybe I’ll pay you and mrdrdisk a visit.

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