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{December 17, 2009}   Revamping

I’m working with my website guru on a new look. My site is gorgeous as is (current website) it has remained the same for a long time and I’m ready for a change. I’m want an edgier, sexier look that better reflects my writing. Here’s what I have for a header and background so far. The text over the background picture is just generic stuff. The font on the menu bar would be a bit bolder and easy to read.

This is a preliminary design I came up with and not a done deal. Nothing will change probably until after the first to the year but I wanted to see what y’all think. Do you like it? Hate it? Please give me some feedback! 


Hey Nicole,
Like the font on the name and the text, but as a female reader I would prefer to see a picture of a hot man, or a sexy couple instead of a wig wearing girl wit a tie and hat in the header image (in fact I really dislike this pic)…and usually I’m not crazy about pictures as background images with the posts on top. Kind of makes it busy and puts less importance on the words…I just find it distracting. However this is just my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

I apreciate you taking the time to comment, booklover. I kinda of like her because she looks naughty but I’m definitely open to changing the pictures. Another thing I’m trying to avoid is using stock images we’ve all seen on dozens of different book covers or a shirtless guy just for the sake of having manflesh up there.

I actually love this, Nic! Looks great. I get sick of seeing nothing but naked males chests on a websbite. I mean, we don’t want nekkid FEMALE chests lol but something a little different. Edgy and Hot. I think this is a great start. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks, Regina! It will likely be after the first of the year before we finazlie things and make the new site live. I’m really excited about getting a face life. *G*

Fran Lee says:

I like it very much. I like the original, too! LOL! Keep both!

Thanks, Fran! I’ll keep the old template for the next time I need a change.

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