Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 6, 2009}   Cat’s Meow – Orgasmic

T.S. Peters from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Cat’s Meow 4.5 stars and a heat level of Orgasmic. My sincere thanks to T.S. Peters for the fabulous review!

“Cat’s Meow will leave you feeling swept away and breathless from the beginning to end.  Whether beast or man, Micah is all alpha and all lovable badass, who is well matched with Rebecca.  While I was expecting the nerdy, introverted, stickler that’s typical of most heroines of this type, Rebecca is a woman full of endearing surprises. 

“I love how neither Micah or her waste time denying their feelings which leads to out of this world sex most of which I was extremely jealous of.  Ms. Austin waste no time turning up the heat!  I think that readers will also enjoy the many plot twists that drive the pace of the story.  Like me, I am sure that they will find themselves rooting for this incredible duo…

“I look forward to more offerings in this dynamic series.  Cat’s Meow is a book that I think that anyone will enjoy.”


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