Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{October 21, 2009}   Cat’s Meow – Predators book 1 – Available Today



Ellora’s Cave Publishing ~ October 21, 2009

Predators – Shape-shifter trilogy

Book 1: Cat’s Meow



Micah Lasiter won’t let age or physical wear-and-tear slow him down. Presented with the chance to be stronger than ever before, he doesn’t hesitate to join The Predator Project. Not that refusing is an option.

Too bad nobody warned him about the possible side effects.

Dr. Rebecca Southerby works with cats. Big cats. She’s not sure why a scientific research organization wants a zoologist on staff but the great perks that come with the job make it easy to overlook a few peculiarities.

What’s shocking is finding her one-night-stand at the secret lab, and discovering how much he’s changed.

Ensnared in a strange new reality, they’ll have to work together to bring down the corrupt organization and untangle a web of secrets with the power to either bind them together or kill them.


Book 2, Eye of the Tiger, coming soon!


Congrats on another awesome book. This is a MUST read if you’re a fan of shapeshifters!

Thanks, NJ! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. This series brewed in my head for a long time. Its so cool to see it finally coming to life.

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