Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 31, 2009}   Summer Vacation

I just got home last night from my trip to Oregon and California. It was an amazing 16 days. We started off with a week on the Oregon coast, which is so green, lush and beautiful it took my breath away. Unfortunately, it was also very foggy. Ick! At the end of the first week we drove down the coast to California, visited the Redwood National Park then continued on to Tahoe City. I tried to capture the majesty of the redwood in pictures but found it to be impossible. They are something you have to experience in person to appreciate! And Lake Tahoe is amazing. The water is very pure and ranges from shades of green to turquoise and deep blue at its deepest points.

I’ve uploaded my pictures to Picasa. If you’re interested, feel free to peruse the albums below.


RC says:

Great pix Nic.
And welcome home!

The redwoods are incredible.

Which trails through the redwood trees were your favorites?

My faves include Boy Scout Tree trail, James Irvine trail and Simpson Reeed Discovery trail.

MDV ~ Oregon

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