Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 3, 2009}   Happy Independence Day!

Whoo-damn! I love a parade! Especially a patriotic one…
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RC says:

Well damn!
I want to be an American!!!!!
Will you adopt me, Nic?

LOL! Sure will! 😀

RC says:

Okay, packing my bag now. LOL

Why aren’t you here yet?

RC says:

It’s a 30hr trip remember?!
You’re a writer, use your imagination. I’m there already and the guys are serving us cocktails by the pool!

Ouch, that’s one hell of a long trip.

Umm…yes, being served cocktails… I can see it now!

Deb says:

LOL, Nic I have to say your parade is my Favorite one.
Okay off to finish packing, Have a wonderful holiday, sweetie.

Reba says:

Damn Nic!!! I missed the parade on Sat. but so glad I am home to see it now..You found some HOTTIES!!! to wear the flag.

Pat L. says:

Holy Cannoli – what HOT pix! Love em.

One of them really did grab my eye. I never saw well developed pelvic masculine muscle with hair like that before!

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