Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{May 12, 2009}   Right of Passage

Ah, yes. One of the big milestones has to come visit. My son will be turning 15 this fall and getting his learner’s permit. No way is he practicing in my car. Unh-uh! I’m not about to put a 15 year old with too much testosterone behind the wheel of a muscle car with 350hp. Over the past several weeks we began shopping. Our criteria was pretty simple. Less than 10 years old, less than 100K miles, automatic, no V8s, well maintained pick-up truck. Oh, and having working a/c was crucial since we live in Florida.

Last night we found what will start out as a second family vehicle and will eventually be AJ’s first car. Its a sonic blue 2002 Ford Ranger XLT with cute little drop down seats in the back. Only has 38K miles and had a clean Carfax report.

AJ’s already planning all the cool accessories he’s saving up money to buy since he’s now broke after paying 1/3 of the cost to buy the truck. He save up for 4 years from allowance, birthday and Christmas money. I also involved him in all aspects of checking out the vehicles and calculating all the costs involved such as tax, tags & title, insurance, maintenance…

My baby’s growing up.



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