Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 17, 2009}   Not All Work

I am definitely not an all work and no play kinda girl. I live for play time and require frequent travel to keep my muse in good functioning order.  At the end of the month is my son’s spring break from school. We’re headed to Branson Missouri for the week. I’m hoping it won’t be chilly!

As soon as we get back I have to get organized for the Romantic Times Convention. I have a few small things to pick up, like a new pair of sandals, but for the most part I’m ready. I’m really excited because friend and fellow author Rhian Cahill is making the trek to Orlando all the way from Singapore. On her blog today she was talking about her new purchase, one of those tiny Acer toy laptops that fits in her purse. I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m debating if I’ll take the sensible 15″ laptop or drag my 20″ powerhouse laptop along on the trip. LOL! The monstrosity is not really portable but I feel lost without it. Knowing me, I won’t decide or even pack until the last minute.



RC says:

That thing is huge!!!!
If you bring that we have to get a pick of them together. LOL
My back can’t cope with pulling the big laptop in and out of the bag everytime I go through xray and considering I’m taking three different planes to get there….
I love my new baby. I think I need to name him. Any ideas?

Huge and weighs in at 18.3 pounds so I wouldn’t be taking it if I was flying. LOL!

Umm…how about Mini-Me?

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