Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 11, 2009}   Speaking Eyes

There are those rare, devistating men who can speak volumes, saying more with one smoldering glance than another guy can in hours of sweet talk. Bedroom eyes that say, “Yeah, I got what you want and when I get you between the sheets, I’m gonna take my time delivering exactly what you need.” Whoo-damn! I’ll take a man who can seduce me with his sexy eyes over a talker any day!



RC says:

If a picture tells a thousand words the eyes tell a thousand fantasies.
I have to agree, if a guy can communicate with his eyes there’s no need for words.

The eyes are indeed the mirrors to the soul. There’s nothing sexier than bedroom eyes.

Brenda ND says:

Boy, what attractive men. Nice eye candy.

I totally agree! Yummy pics!


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