Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{February 1, 2009}   Margarita Day – “Immaculately Written”

4 Hearts from Jacquelyn Ward reviewer for The Romance Studio. Thanks, Jacquelyn. I’m so glad you enjoyed our wild reunion.


“If you enjoy your stories spicy and overflowing with hot men this is the book for you. This book is hot and it is full of sex. Tons of sex. If you like your books so hot your fingers get scorched and that are so full of amazing sex, you definitely need to read this book. Immaculately written arousing love scenes turn the heat up and keep it up throughout the whole book. What woman wouldn’t love to have three men at her beck and call? This arousing tale weaves an emotional tale telling the story of a woman who is unsure of where her life is going who but has great friends that help her figure it all out. The smut squad, as her friends are called, make exceptional secondary characters. You can’t help but love the rowdy bunch. They will make you laugh with the shenanigans they find themselves in and the stories they have to tell.


“Margarita Day is a wonderfully entertaining story full of hot sex and lots of laughter and tears. If you enjoy books full of heat and sensuality and loads of laughter, this is the story for you.”


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