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{December 17, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #81

Random Thoughts

I am on vacation this week in Panama City Beach, Florida. My mother and son are along for the trip. My daughter had to stay home because of work. It’s not too far from home (6 hour drive) but a nice change of pace/scenery. Here are 13 totally random thoughts.

1. Where should we go for dinner? (Some places are shut down for the winter season)

2. Experiencing the sound of the surf and seagulls live is much better than on my soothing nature sounds CD.

3. How long would I spend in jail for dropping the rude neighbor’s noisy kids down the trash chute? (We’re on the 12th floor)

4. I don’t want to go home again!

5. Some people on vacation have way too much time on their hands.

6. Crap, I have to be back at work Friday night.

7. Did Dani (my daughter) remember to set the alarm or even shut the garage door?

8. I still have to wrap Christmas presents when I get home.

9. Of course, first I have to buy wrapping paper. And I still haven’t picked up gifts for my crew at work. Ack!

10. Why did I think the food at someplace called Dirty Dick’s would be good?

11. Of course such a high-class establishment can’t have a regular old lobster tank. No, at Dirty Dick’s you use a crane to catch your lobster dinner. LOL!

12. This is one heck of a tacky beach town.

13. Do I really have to go home tomorrow?

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Linda says:

LOL! This is just my kind of vacation. I *love* seedy, tacky seaside towns. 🙂

So, put a picture of your vacation on your desk and you can take a five second vacation any time you look at it. 🙂

I have a second TT at as well as the one above. Happy TT!

Nicholas says:

I’d definitely eat at Dirty Dick’s!

I’d eat anywhere if I was hungry 🙂

A lobster vending machine? Wild!

My hubby would love that place. Just as well he’s an ocean away because lobster makes him get gout. Enjoy your break, Nicole.

Carol says:

#10: Baaaaahahahahaaaaa!!!!

Oh my. Sorry. I do hope you enjoy your vacation anyway.

When I vacation the thought of going home sometimes fills me with dread and sorrow.

Your list is a great read. God bless.

Lucky you, getting away. Thanks for sharing Happy Holidays!

Brieanna says:

You thought a place like Dirty Dick’s would be good for the same reason I thought a restaurant called The Blowhole would be good. Only thing that did was live up to it’s name, if you know what I mean. lol

Debbie says:

Vacation always has me agreeing with your #4 and #13. A lobster crane? Hillarious!

Mary says:

I don’t like to get to know my food while it’s still alive! Even so, I wish I were there right now!

Sounds like you’re having a great vacation!


My TT is at

Happy Vacation and Happy TT! Loved the lobster tank =)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. It was a very relaxing vacation. We drove hope Thursday and I’m now trying to make the switch back to being a night person.

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