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{December 10, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #80

Thirteen Things I Won’t Be Getting For Christmas

This is my fantasy wish list. The reasons I won’t be getting any of these should be obvious.

1. Castle in Tuscany
2. Staff to do all the cooking and cleaning

3. Niko from Playgirl

4. Convertible S302 Extreme Saleen Mustang

5. The other Nicole “Co Co” Austin’s body (minus the fake breasts)

6. Diamond heart earrings
 7. The Readius ebook reader that’s not out yet


8. Kick-ass Newrock boots

9. Red patent leather Dooney & Bourke purse

10. Matching red patent leather wallet (in the same dark red color as above)

11. Peace and harmony between my kids

12. The ability to support myself as a reclusive author

13. The guts and right situation to fulfill a long-time fantasy (no I’m not giving details other than it involves #3)

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Oh! How I want that red bag! It just SCREAMS Christmas! Gotta go, have to get Santa on the phone …

Ah, those marvellous fantasies. But if they came true, would you be happy?
Stupid question 😉

Kris says:

I’ll take any of those too!

Would you get the butt implants that CoCo has too? (blink, blink, blink) 🙂

My fingers are crossed that you can support yourself and your children as a writer

I’ll take a #3 to go. hehehe

Happy T13!

bundleocontradictions says:

Hermitdom is a long-held wish of mine. *sigh*
Happy T13!

Well, if you can’t have the castle, I hope you get peace between the kids!

PQNation says:

That Mustang is sweet!!

I hope you get some peace between your kids this holiday season, even if it’s for moments at a time!!

Marina says:

Nice pick for #1! (and good thinking on #2–don’t forget groundskeeper!)

Mine’s up!

Nicholas says:

Well, you never know! Actually, you do, don’t you!

Oooh, good point, Marina. Gotta have someone to take care of all that property.

Butt implants. Ick! No thanks! LOL!

Betty says:

LOL! Loved this!

Bernie says:

I like that picture of the sexy lady, but I am guy so would you expect less? Nice fantasies! I hope you get ad least one of them to come true.

My TT Forbidden Fruit is up.

sobeit says:

Never hurts to dream! Happy TT!

Lori says:

HELLO NIKO!! I have never bought a dirty magazine but I would definitely consider it to see him in the buff!! WOOHOO….Happy TT. Thanks for making my panties wet;)

who knows! it’s christmas time,you might get your #11 😀

SAWEEET car. (and guy!)

Ah well, we can dream.

Miranda says:

ohhhh nice list. I’ll take 1,2,3 & 4. lol

Army Mom says:

That is a good looking castle. If I put the castle on my Christmas list the remainder 12 items would include staff to man the castle, furniture, GPS system to find my way around, gardener, an excellent chef, someone else to pay for the upkeep, large flat screen TVs in all the rooms, heated towel racks and toilet seats, deluxe intercom system, an elevator, a kitchenette on every floor, a new wardrobe.
Happy TT

Heather says:

I definitely wouldn’t say no to a villa – just so long as I didn’t have to clean it myself! 😉

Denise says:

Great list. The only things I’d transfer to my list are #1 and 2. I already have #11 and I wouldn’t mind #12 (although I actually like my day job).

Happy TT!

Brenda ND says:

Ha! I won’t be getting a castle either. I love visiting your blog. It’s so creative and fun! Happy TT!

Lynn says:

That’s the exact castle that I was asking for… I won’t be getting it either.

BTW, love those boots!

Deb says:

Nic, ahhh that is what dreams and fantasies are for;)
Let me know when you figure out the kid

Debbie says:

Definitely need #2 if you get #1.

#11 could happen. Of course it is more likely after they leave home…

Mary says:

Hmmm… I don’t think I’m getting any of those things either… but I’m willing to write an extra letter to Santa in the hopes of getting #3!

minnemom says:

You wrote about what you won’t be getting. I wrote about what I hope I do get! (My list isn’t nearly as exciting as yours, though.)

The odds of you getting everything on your list before Peace between the children: About 100%! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

I’ll take the castle, please. 🙂

Oh, I loved this idea – can I steal it for next week (or maybe the next year of TTs since I can think of a billion things I won’t be getting either, lol)

I truly hope you do not get a fruitcake either – but if you do here’s 13 Things To Do With That Stupid Fruitcake You Just Got

Reba says:

I am wit you on #3..LOL but #2 works for me right now..find you a knock off dooney and one will know the difference.

Jean says:

That’s a pretty sweet list. Those boots and that purse are badass.

Sure, popartdivatv. Steal away and have fun with it!

Those boots are too cool! And Niko is so hot! LOL!


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