Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 8, 2008}   Update

I may not be posting a lot but I have been busy writing. I’ve finished the first two books in a shape-shifter trilogy. The second book actually got written first. It was while writing Eye of the Tiger that I realized Cat’s Meow needed to come first. As of this morning, Cat’s Meow has been sent off to my critique group and I’ll be revisiting Eye of the Tiger to make a few small adjustments required due to the out of order writing. LOL!

Those of you who know me already know that I detest writing blurbs and sucknopsises. I’ve been toying with the blurb for Cat’s Meow. Here’s what I have so far.

The wicked DNA cocktail created in a secret lab will completely alter more than just his life.

The Predator Project, Book 1

Micah Lasiter’s life of action has never been dull, and he’s not going to let age or physical wear-and-tear slow him down. Not until an injury threatens his future. Presented with the chance to be stronger then ever before, he doesn’t hesitate in joining The Predator Project.

Too bad they didn’t conduct enough research to predict the life-changing side effects.

Serious and proper, the focus of Dr. Rebecca Southerby’s zoology career has been working with big cats. When she lands a new job with all kinds of great perks, she’s surprised to learn details of the research performed at Nanotech’s top-secret facility hidden away in the Smoky Mountains.

Even more surprising is finding her dream man—the fantasy lover who holds the key to unlocking her fiery passion—at the lab. But Micah has changed in some very shocking ways.

Ensnared in the same devious trap, they’ll have to work together to bring down the corrupt organization and untangle a web of secrets with the power to either bind them together or kill them.

This book contains a sexy alpha male who can shape-shift into a lion, a heroine who kicks some butt, and lots of hot, explicit make-me-scream sex with the door wide open. Hint: stock up on batteries and ice before reading.

I’m hoping to have both books submitted to my editor by the end of the year.


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