Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 3, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #79

Redneck Christmas

My family has been busy decorating for Christmas this week. While I applaud the creativity shown in these redneck examples, please use good taste when planning your Christmas trees and decorations. Here are 13 perfect examples of a redneck Christmas.

#1 – 4… Beer cans or other alcoholic beverage containers are not appropriate for a Christmas tree


#5 – 8… The same is true for shopping carts, step ladders, soda cups, cigarette cartons and CDs


#9… Mountain Dew cans are very tacky, no matter how cool it looks when assembled and lit up!


#10 & 11… Christmas trees and colored lights should never be applied to vehicles


#12 & 13… And old, non-working vehicles should not be used as sleighs


*Bonus* Under no circumstances should Santa be put on display while sitting on the toilet. That’s so no right!

Here is a picture of my tree, done up in white lights and silver ornaments…

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Kaige says:

Awesome list, Nicole. I love your tree and the Ansel Adams print behind it. The Mountain Dew tree was kinda cool all assembled and lit…. Hmm… showing my roots *snap*

Yours is the best, although the rest made me squeal a Yee-Haw or two!

Sue says:

Gah! I don’t know which is worse, wait yes I do! Santa on the loo!!!! Ew….

My entry is here

Please do stop by if you have a moment and happy TT. Thanks for the LOL 🙂

Okay, don’t ever try topping this post! You will never be able to do it. That special photo of the VW “sleigh” is the tree-topper!


The Pink Flamingo

jeannie says:

Now, the ladder is different.
Heck, they all are..
Some of them even made me laugh.
Happy T13

Omg Hilarious! Your tree is very pretty! Happy T13!

my family have so much fun looking at your photos,they look great, but definitely not in my house 🙂

Bethany says:

Oh my gosh how funny they are! I love it- I actually DID see a car with Christmas lights last year and thought it was the strangest thing! Happy TT 🙂

What a great list. That mountain dew tree is really pretty. But I’m sure yours smells better! Happy T13.

Lori says:

LMAO…my Dad would have loved these. He probably would have even used a few of the ideas:) Happy TT. Great pics.

HA! HA! HA! I once acutally saved all those AOL CD’s one year and used them as decorations on my Christmas Tree. I look really cool, but hey, I’m proud to be a little red on the neck!

Can’t sleep? drop by and read my TT. Losing Myself

Y’know something? I kinda like the very first one on the top left…that green glass is kinda pretty. LOL I can’t help but want to type “Gitter Done!” now.

My 13 is posted…it’s all Olde English today. Stop by, won’t you?

Mo says:

This was a FABulous TT – thanks for that!

I gotta say tho, I think the first one is pretty kewl! (LoL – If you got any “good ideas” from this list…you might be a redneck!)

That was hilarious! Great blog!

Brenda ND says:

LOL! You find that best pictures! I love the one with the VW pulled by reindeer. Happy TT!

LOL! I love these. I’ve got a flat version of that wooden one. Which reminds me, it’s time to get it out.

Jennifer says:

I love this post! Too funny!

Those are hilarious! LOL!


My TT is at

Chris says:

Great pictures. Some of them aren’t that bad if you squint a bit. 🙂 Happy TT

Debbie says:

Hillarious!!!! Great TT.

ROFL! The stepladder one looks like something my ex-BIL might have done. LOL

And I love the one with the volkswagon being pulled by the reindeer.

mrsbear says:

Your tree is lovely, great TT. My favorite has to be the VW sled, you’ve got to give them point for ingenuity.

awesome-ness! my hubby likes the green beer bottle one (no we will not be doing that!) hehehe

happy tt!

Jaime says:

Holy cow! That F150 is hilarious!

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