Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{November 23, 2008}   Boxers or … ?

Ah, the age old question. What’s he wearing under there?

Boxers, or briefs?


Perhaps boxer briefs or a teeny bikini?


Plain white…


or colorful?


Comfortable is good


But please, nothing commical unless you’d like us to laugh at your best friend!


Sorry, I can’t show you my personal preference, commando. *G*


LA Day says:

I’m with you on the commando idea. I like the boxer briefs though.

Rhian says:

I so wanted to see your preference. *sigh*

LOL! The commando pics are a private collection.

Yummy pics! Can’t believe I haven’t visited your blog before! But when LA Day mentioned you posted pics of gorgeous hunks, I ran right over! LOL!


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