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{November 5, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #76

My Favorite Websites 

The Internet is great for staying up-to-date on what’s happening and keeping in touch. I’m online everyday, if only for a short time, and have a regular set of websites that I don’t miss visiting. Here are 13 of my favorite websites that I visit regularly.

1. Bug Café – to check and see if it’s my turn yet

2. Ben’s Bargains – to watch for great deals

3. My Bargain Buddy – ’cause I’m addicted to finding deals online

A variety of publishers – gotta have my new books

     4. Amazon 

     5. Monday – Liquid Silver

     6. Tuesday – Samhain Publishing

     7. Tuesday – Loose-Id

     8. Wednesday & Friday – Ellora’s Cave

     9. Thursday – Changeling Press

     10. Friday – Cobblestone Press

11. MSN (my homepage) – to see what’s happening out there

12. My Playground – to check in with everyone

13. Thesaurus – to find new words so I don’t become boring and repetative *gasp*

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Gosh, outside of MSN and Amazon, I don’t think I’ve been on any of these sites. hard to believe…. 🙂

I’ll have to check some of these out.

Nicholas says:

Well, we have Amazon in common. In fact I have accounts with American, British and Canadian Amazon and have ordered from all three in the past.

Thesaurus is my friend.Amazon and Fictionwise
I visit daily lol Fun list. Happy T13

Bernie says:

I have not read these books, but I must check them out.

Check out my TT: 13 Reasons Obama Won the Election

Lori says:

I will have to check a few of those out. Thanks for sharing:) Happy TT.

Brenda ND says:

Thanks. I’m always looking for new sites to visit. Happy TT!

Great TT – I’ve bookmarked some of your favorites in my favorites folder.

But what I really enjoyed was the bonus post underneath – My, oh, my! That’s enough to set a grandma’s britches a-tinglin’. Them’s some Mighty Fine Cowboys!!!

Love Amazon. I shop in bookstores I buy at Amazon.

poppingbubbles says:

The only sites on this list I have been to are Amazon, Thesaurus and MSN. I will definitely have to check the others out!

Happy TT!

Bethany says:

I’ve been to Amazon and MSN…I am off to check out the others! Happy TT!

jayedee says:

so many links, so little time! lol
off to do some looking…..happy tt!

Darla says:

I’m going to have to check out those bargain sites–I’m getting tired of always shopping at the same sites.

PQNation says:


Thanks for sharing 🙂

FindItBuyIt says:

BugCafe seems interesting. I’ve been to ben’s bargain before. There is another website that I normally visit- it’s called They have a more comprehensive list of deals and coupons.

Thank you!

Love the bargain links…I’ll definitely have to check those out. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Stop by my TT when you get a moment! 🙂

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