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{October 29, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #75

My Favorite Treats

Since I’m short on time this week from putting in extra shifts at work, I’m borrowing the idea someone posted last week. It works out well since chocolate is my favorite food group and I have an incredibly sweet tooth. I prefer dark chocolate, especially truffles. Pair the chocolate with peanut butter, caramel or almonds and I’m a very happy camper. Peter Pan used to do this chocolate peanut butter that was … mmmmmm-damn! I wish they’d bring that back!



My favorite chocolates come from Harbor Candy Shop. Their truffles are devine and come in this box that looks like a book, wrapped up with a lovely bow. <deep sigh>







Slather some peanut butter on a few Oreos and I’m in heaven!







I have yet to find a variety of Reese’s that I didn’t love!









The same goes for Twix. They had a limited edition Java version I was addicted to.







For when I want to pretend my treat is healthy






What’s your favorite treat?

Make sure to stop by Adelle Laudan’s list, which is guaranteed to have you ROFL!

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I was brought up behind a sweet shop. I used to love them, but not good for me now.
Sweet memories.

Miranda says:

OMG, my mouth is watering! great list!

You are just EVIL!! OMG. I think I want every single one of these!

Nicholas says:

We are on the same page with Toblerone and Rolo!

Kristi says:

Twix and rolos are on the top of my favorites list.

Toblerone is my all time favorite. Too bad it’s not a big Halloween treat. I hardly ever find them in my kids loot bag. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed my Halloween list so much! Happy Halloween!

Brenda ND says:

Oh, I love Toblerones! But if I can’t have one of those Twix or Ghirardelli fill in just fine. I love chocolate.

Denise says:

OMG! I haven’t seen a Chunky in years! I used to love them. Now my absolute favorite *regular* candy is M&M Peanuts. When I want to be decadent, I buy a local company’s mint truffles. You can check them out here: The mint truffles are to die for.

Happy TT!

Ivan Girl says:

wow! I would love to receive them all in my treat bag!
I’m a chocoholic!

Mmmmm, Toblarone is so tasty!

Okay, I’m allergic to nuts, but some of them I like.

Darla says:

Yum. Lindt anything is wonderful. They’ve got this dark chocolate with cherry-chili filling that’s to die for.

Which reminds me that the only chocolate currently in the house is candy for the trick-or-treaters, and the only ones I like are the M&Ms. *sigh* Maybe I ought to go shopping.

Ashley says:

What a fun 13! My favorite treat are Godiva Gingerbread truffles – and it’s a good thing they’re only around for Christmas!

I love reading about goodies. Even more, I love eating them. 🙂 Fun Thursday Thirteen! Mine’s Halloween-themed: 13 Places with Halloween Names

Vera says:

Yummy! I’m a chocoholic too! I love choco covered macadamia nuts too; reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorites! And there’s just so much more. I love your TT! Haha 🙂

Yummy. I always though oreos would be better with peanut butter in the middle instead of the cream filling. Sort of like what would happen if nutterbutter and oreo had a love child 🙂

Happy TT

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