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{October 22, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #74

Extreme Pumpkin Carving

I was searching online for pumpkin carving ideas. I hate those stupid templates with the useless little tools so I got a rotary tool set. I think some of the more intricate ones are a beyond my capabilities, but they are very cool. The first one is my favorite. I’m thinking of making a punk rocker one. That would be fun!


*Bonus: This one is not actually carved but its still great!

For pumpkin carving tips visit Extreme Pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

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Nicholas says:

Talk about Attack of the Psycho Pumpkins! Much more fun than the usual grinning face.

your pumpkins are scary!!!!

Very kewl. I laugh every time I see your bonus pic LOL Happy T13!

Lori says:

Great list. Too cute..Happy TT:)

Some great ones there. Although I suspect the mentality behind some of them may be scarier 🙂

Laura says:

Those are some pretty creative carvings…but I agree w/ anthony…I don’t want to know the mentaility behind them!!
Happy T13!

Darla says:

Wow! Some people are really creative!

Debbie says:

Those are some pretty scary pumpkins. Great list idea.

Brenda ND says:

What great pumpkins! You’ve given me some good carving ideas! Thanks.

Vera says:

OOh that last one before the bonus looks great. Good luck with your carving and I hope you get to snap a photo to display up here too!

Diana M says:

Some people have way too much free time. LOL I haven’t done my carving this year yet.. I was thinking something CUTE for my 1 yr old Grandson. TFS

poppingbubbles says:

Those are fantastic! I love the crying beauty pageant queen!
She’s hysterical!

Happy TT…..

Sheri says:

Is the one with the tiara supposed to be Carrie? Those pumpkins are awesome.

Pamela says:

Those are some creative works! I LOVE the bonus one 🙂

Yes, that Carrie. LOL!

Lucas says:

Love the pumpkins. My son carves custom pumpkins and also uses a drummel tool. His advice is to draw out what you want and take your time. He can spend hour and hours carving the most detailed ones. He just did one yesterday that took him over 4 hours. He says anyone can do this but most are in too much of a hurry. Good luck and I hope you post what you do, successful or not.


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