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{October 18, 2008}   Promises Reveal by Sarah McCarty



He’s a man who survives by his wits and lives by his own code. Along the way he’s left a trail of broken hearts, broken bones, and quite a few broken laws. But when he gives his heart to the right woman, it comes with a promise he’ll never, ever break…

Dedicated artist Evie Washington doesn’t fancy herself the marrying kind. But the moment she admitted that her faceless portrait of a naked man was modeled on the devilishly handsome Reverend Swanson, the whole town assumed her innocence had been ruined. Now her family’s determined to save her reputation—even if it means taking away her hard-won freedom.

It’s Brad “Shadow” Swanson’s preacher status that’s a pose—to avoid the law . Now he’s been convicted of the one crime he didn’t commit. And if he doesn’t step up and marry Evie, he’ll have to admit his true identity and replace his collar with a noose. Of course, a life sentence in the spirited beauty’s bed wouldn’t exactly be torture—and it just might be the key to making an honest man out of him…

Nic’s Recommendation:

I’d been anticipating this 4th book in the Promises series for a long time, and Sarah McCarty does not disappoint with Promises Reveal. Hands down, this is the best book I’ve read in a while. The Promises series holds a prominent place on my keeper shelf, and I revisit the stories often.

Reverend Brad Swanson is a delight. A bad-boy preacher getting naughty in the church, *gasp* I love it. Brad still sees himself as Shadow, and knows Shadow isn’t worthy of love. Evie had the ability to see beneath the masks people wear. In her heart, she knows who Brad is. Getting him to see the truth requires a lot of faith, trust and love.

Promises is a heart-warming, sexyseries that will keep you riveted! I highly recommend you pick up these great reads!

Promises Reveal is available from Amazon, where you can also find the first 3 books in this must read series; Promises Linger, Promises Keep and Promises Prevail.


This sounds pretty good. I should check it tomorrow on my next book-shopping spree. 😀

I am so behind in my reading. Sounds like a fantastic book!

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