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{October 8, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #72

Thirteen Books To Be Read

Between working a full-time job, writing, and family, I don’t have much reading time. My to-be-read list is huge. Here are the top 13 books from my list that I’m anxious to read. These are print and ebooks, some have been out for a while others are new releases or not even out yet. They are listed in alphabetical order by title. The covers are all linked to where you can see more about the books.

 Kerrelyn Sparks, All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire

Maya Banks, be With Me

David Baldacci, Divine Justice

Ellora’s Cave Anthology, Forbidden Fantasies

Lora Leigh, Mercury’s War

               Dean Koontz, Odd Hours

Sarah McCarty, Promises Reveal

             Sins of the Night, Devny Quinn

                  Ann Jacobs, Switching Control

Anya Bast, The Chosen Sin

                    Melinda Barron, Undercover Submission

                     Lorelei James, Wicked Garden

                    Lora Leigh, Wild Card

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Yasmin says:

happy TT and good luck on catching up on your reading.

That’s quite the list. If you’re like me, I do the bulk of my reading when the snow falls. Happy T13!

Who needs to read the with covers like that are too yummy to open.

Odd Hours is on Mommy’s TBR pile too.

Vampires and Christmas? No wonder it’s at the top of your list.

Denise says:

Very interesting list. I’m trying to catch up on my reading, too, but it’s slow going. I’m afraid that some days I’d just rather write than read. But, then there are other days when it’s the other way around.

Happy TT!

Don’t know many of them, though I’ve read a lot of Dean Koontz.

Nice selection of books. I’ve been wanting to read the Anya Bast one for a bit. I wish I had more book buying cash.

LA Day says:

Great list. I have a few of those on mine too. Can’t wait for the first EC hardcover.

I love your range of books – cool that you read in your own genre AND Dean Kootz. You’re made of sterner stuff than I, Nic.

Judi says:

Great TT. I have books stacking up now too.

Brenda ND says:

Lots of great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

Anya Bast says:

Thanks for mentioning The Chosen Sin, sweetie!

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