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{September 24, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #70

When They Come Back Home

My daughter has moved back home after 2 ½ years out on her own in the world. Bringing her back into the house should have been easy, but we all have to make adjustments.

1. That old saying “you can never go home” is not true. They can and will come home!

2. It’s not like they’ve forgotten how to get home. Even if you’ve moved they can still find you.

3. The deeper meaning of the saying is that once you make a big life change, like leaving your parent’s house, things will not be the same should you return.

4. Boy is that part true! Now that she’s and adult our interactions are very different yet some things will never change.

5. Siblings will always bicker, often over the same old issues.

6. Just getting in the car together involves a big debate over who gets to ride “shot gun”.

7. When offering motherly advice or helpful suggestions, I am told that she is independent and can take care of herself now. But there are always “buts”.

8. Like when we all go out to eat, I’m automatically expected to pick up the tab.

9. There are still ways to work it to my advantage. Her being broke comes in handy as a bribe when I don’t feel like running errands.

10. And my son now has another person with a car to chauffeur him around.

11. Still, I’d forgotten how much stuff she has and how messy she is with all that stuff.

12. My son’s “man room” aka video game den has now been invaded by crystal vases, artificial flowers, and fru-fru knickknacks.

13. And sharing a bathroom with her is no fun!

I’ve threatened the rest of the family and told them not to make her too comfortable here because I want her to get back out…soon! LOL!

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My daughter’s bedroom is now our music room. If (when) she ever comes home again we will put everything in the garage.

(((huga)))) I’m not saying nothing lol With my luck I’d jinx myself and my darling son would be knocking at me door to come home again. lol

Lori says:

I can relate, my son comes home for a visit about every 6 months. Its always an ordeal but I think I enjoy him much more on his own rather than living at home:) Happy TT.

After my sweetie and I married we had to move to my parents house for 9 LOooooooong Months. I hear you!

sjreidhead says:

Sounds like my sister’s trials and tribulations with grown children. There are 3 and it is a revolving door.

The Pink Flamingo

Your post reminds 50-year-old me of some inequitable about my own relationship with my 70-something mom. When she comes over here, she has to ring the bell. She has a key, but wouldn’t dare use it. Whereas I still come and go as I please through the house I grew up in. My home is my home, and her home is my home. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Tammy W says:

Yikes, sorry! I have six! What do you think are the odds of getting them all out???

Well, I’ve got five sons and two daughters, and often one of the other needs to come home for a while. And believe me I sympathise. Of course, we love them, but adjusting routines to fit once more can drive you mad!

LOL! I’ve treatened my son that once he’s out I’m moving into a tiny apartment with no room for them to come back.

toni says:

Uh oh on the bathroom, I don’t think I would be thrilled at having to share either LOL Happy T13. Mine are up at a Daily Dose.
A Daily Dose of Toni

Darla says:

My daughter’s been home for the past 4+ years–we’re the ones who left. She visits us twice a year, and the first week, it’s like she and her brothers are trying to make up for 6 months worth of sibling squabbles.

I’m hoping (keeping my fingers crossed) that once we move back to our house, she’ll be in her own place. She’ll be 26–certainly that should be old enough, right?

Brenda ND says:

I guess the only comfort I can give you is the notion that “this too shall pass.” Good luck with your family togetherness.

LA Day says:

I remember years ago, when I moved back home after being gone a year or so. What a transition. She probably won’t stay too long. She hate the lack of privacy and freedom. Good luck!

Qtpies7 says:

My “baby” moves out in less than 2 weeks, but I don’t think he’ll be back, he is going in the Air Force and will be an Air Traffic Controller. Next year my dd goes to college, she’ll be back, at least in the summer months, lol. Who knows with the rest of the kids, though. Some I wonder if they will even be able to leave with their grades this year.

Judi says:

I like #7. She’s independent now???? Yeah, that’s why she moved back home lol. Gotta love them and they’re always welcome back, but you’re right don’t make it too comfortable. I love my empty nest lol!!

Debbie says:

Been there, done that – once, twice, nope, three times! Four kids, three returns, although one was very short term (2 months). Hang in there.

Yasmin says:

LOL…kids they’re with us forever whether they live with us or not…and yest it’s good to know that one always has a place called HOME…there is nothing like it!

Happy TT.

Amen to everything you said! 😀

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