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{September 17, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #69

Thirteen Things That Irritate Me!

We’ve all got little pet peeves that drive us up a wall. Here are 13 of mine.

1. Driving in the left hand passing lane and not moving over for faster drivers to get by.

2. Pedestrians who walk extra slow when you stop for them to cross. Makes me want to run them over!

3. Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving. Put down the damn phone and pay attention!

4. Talking in a Bluetooth wireless earpiece and making me wonder if you’re talking to me or if you’re just a nut case.

5. Smokers who drop their butts everywhere.

6. Co-workers who smoke and think that entitles them to take a break when no one else has had a break. In fact, we now have to cover their work while they are out killing everyone with their secondhand smoke and littering.

7. Gum chewers who have to pop and smack their gum.

8. Dog owners who leave their barking pet outside to annoy the whole neighborhood.

9. Automated phone lines that give every option except to talk to a real person.

10. Waiting in a long line while other store employees stand around instead of opening a new line.

11. Or when they do open a line people at the back of the current line race to the front of the new one instead of waiting their turn.

12. Rude clerks talking on personal phone calls instead of doing their jobs.

13. Parent’s who allow their children to run wild inside a public place and do nothing to get them under control.

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Wow, I have those same pet peeves.

Lori says:

Great list….I hate slow pokes in the fast lane. I have to pass them just to throw them the stink eye. I wish I had a sign to hold up….that would work for multiple situations. Happy TT.

Here! Here! about number 13!

Amen Sister!

Add people who tailgate and I’m with you 100%.

The Pink Flamingo

Gattina says:

Unfortunately it doesn’t change anything when you get angry except your blood pressure, lol ! But it is hard not to get angry !!

Some really annoying ones there. #3 is now illegal in the UK.

LA Day says:

Great TT! I have to agree with all of them.

Great list! I’ve caught myself doing #7 many times!

Patsy says:

I am so with you on all of these. I try not to be guilty of any of them so that I have the right to be indignant about them. 🙂

Darla says:

Grrrrr…. Those are all so irritating!

Qtpies7 says:

I share many of those pet peeves.

Bernie says:

1,7,and 9 are my biggest pet peeves. Driving with cell phones is another.

My TT this is week is about the 13 Myths of Sarah Palin

I could have written 5, 6 and 13 myself! Thanks for visiting my TT.

Brenda ND says:

Yep, I can relate to many of these. Happy TT anyway.

Denise says:

#4 and 7 don’t bother me very much, but the rest I completely agree on.

Happy TT!

Vera says:

#6 doesn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would. But if the same co-workers try to rush me when I take a full hour for lunch break — grr!!!

Ooooh #10 and 11 happen to me often enough – it infuriates me!

Great list 🙂

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