Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{September 7, 2008}   Dark & Deadly

Do you believe in shape-shifters, vampires, aliens, or other forms of life? IMHO, its rather naive of us (humans) to believe we are the top of the food chain and that these and other “paranormal” beings do not exist. I even found so pictures of some dark and dangerous men who fit the images in my mind of what shifters and vamps look like from years of reading fiction. These guys are not just dark and dangerous, they have mesmerizing eyes that seem able to see right into your soul.

This is Niko, Playgirl’sman of the year. He totally fits my image of a vampire. Whoo-baby!


Here are a few more vamps. On the left is Michael Biserta. In the middle is Mikael. Don’t know the name of the vamp on the right.


I don’t know this guys name but he sure has mesmerizing eyes!

Here are a few lean and feral shape-shifters.


And then there’s JT. OMG! Talk about intense, mesmerizing eyes. I can’t even look into his eyes or I’d wind up a melted puddle of goo.


Niko is definitely vampire material. And love the guy with the mesmerizing eyes. Shapeshifter…definitely a shapeshifter.

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