Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{August 31, 2008}   Flyboy gets a 5 Angel Review

Rachel C. from Fallen Angel Reviews has reviewed Flyboy and given it 5 angels. Yay! Thank you, Rachel! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!


“Flyboy by Nicole Austin is a welcome addition to The Hussies series, the thought of a group of warriors known as the Hussies is enough to make any woman proud to be female; especially when they’re fighting evil at every turn and saving the world. Ms. Austin’s writing never fails to grab you and she’s not shy about turning up the heat either. Jhett and Twyla’s story is a mix of action and adventure, lust and love. It’s amazing what you discover in life threatening situations and this pair is no different. Caught in an attraction so strong it’s undeniable, and the need to focus on a mission that could turn deadly, only intensifies the tension spiraling between them. Right from the beginning I wanted to get hold of Jhett and soothe his hurt away, but you just know he’s never gonna let that happen, he’s one tough alpha that doesn’t need anyone. I wanted to warn him about Twyla because I just knew she was going to reach inside that big brawny chest and grab hold of his scarred heart. Twyla had me with her first sassy comments, her sharp tongue is just one of her many appealing traits. She might not have seen much action sitting behind her computer but she isn’t afraid to get out there and get the job done, and with a man like Jhett at her back how could she go wrong? Already a fan of Ms. Austin’s writing I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in Flyboy and neither will you.”


Rachel C says:

“Hammered by the Hammer!”

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