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{August 27, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #66

The Hussies™ Prologue

My first book in The Hussies series, Flyboy, released in July. My second, Have a Little Faith in Me, will likely be scheduled for early 2009. Ideas for the third are brewing.

It’s such a fun concept based on heroines who are Hussy Warrior Hunters. Each story is a stand alone title spanning a variety of genre as diverse as the five authors who write them, The Hussies—Ciana Stone, Nathalie Gray, Sahara Kelly, Sally Painter and Nicole Austin.

The word “hussy” has a very different meaning in modern society than it had centuries ago. In the old Norse language, Hussy meant “mistress of the household”. It was a compliment used to describe orderly, capable women. Sometime during the seventeenth century the meaning started to change, becoming increasingly more negative over the years.™

Here are 13 parts of The Hussies series prologue and a look into our idea of what makes a hussy… Myth, magic or legend?

˜There have been Hussies since before time was measured in days and minutes.

˜Women who fought bravely alongside their mates with sword and axe, warriors whose courage changed the world around them.

˜Led by the first Hussy, Danu, these fierce fighters discovered their inner strengths, summoned reserves they didn’t know they possessed and passed into the fabric of legend with their daring exploits.

˜Since that time, myths have been spun around the Hussy Warriors—tales told by firelight, whispered from mother to daughter—eventually to take their place amongst the mystical fables that shape our souls.

˜But the essence of a Hussy remains strong in the hearts of so many women.

˜Heroines who don’t realize that within them lies the power to make a difference, to effect change, to use their passion every bit as skillfully as Danu wielded her sword so long ago.

˜Warriors in different times and different places, who love as deeply and desire as desperately as any woman ever has, seldom knowing that their desire will impact not just one man, but so much more.

˜Therein lies the magic of a Hussy. To right a wrong, turn a frown to a smile—to positively change those around her.

˜To love a man with every fiber of her body, to learn from that love and to grow stronger because of it.

˜Whether in the past, the future or the here-and-now, there are Hussies around each corner.

˜They may not even be aware of their Hussy destiny. But one thing is certain—when passion knocks on their door, lives will change for the better.

˜And when it comes to their one special hero? Well, he’s in for the ride of his life.

˜Which leaves one unanswered question…are you a Hussy?

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It’s amazing how some words change over time. ‘Hussy’ is definitely one of them.

Lori says:

Well, I guess I am . . . a hussy, that is. Gosh, I didn’t even know (smile). Thanks for the education.

Thanks for the education on that. It intrigues me how the connotation of a word can change so much over time.

Rhian says:

Who care what people think a Hussy is, I’m more than happy to glue my name next to it.
RC (proud hussy groupie)

Words change so much over time! This is a wonderful series and I can’t wait to read more.

Chris says:

Love me some hussys! Fun list, happy TT

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