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{August 13, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #64

Thirteen things about the Olympics opening ceremonies in Beijing

I’ve been in a bit of a funk (dealing with empty nest blues) and not getting much writing done so I’ve been watching the Olympics. Without doubt, the opening ceremonies were amazing. Here are some things you may not have known about the show.

Click here to watch video of the opening ceremony (There are several videos to watch different parts of the ceremony)

1. The $100 million dollar extravaganza was the most expensive in the history of the Olympics.

2. The opening was watched by an estimated 15% of the world’s population. 34.2 million people viewed the U.S. broadcast of the ceremony.

3. Some of the fireworks were faked on the broadcast. They were actually prerecorded footage and 3D graphics.


4. China pulled a Milli Vanilli. The cute girl in pigtails and a red dress lip-synced the song when the real singer was deemed to be not cute enough. WTH? This was decided at the last minute by some Chinese official. What a jerk!



5. Even the waving flags were faked by mechanical flagpoles. There was no breeze in the bird’s nest National Stadium.

6. The stadium was built for the Olympics. Construction took more than 4 years.

7. A cast of 10,000 performers were involved in the spectacle.

8. They used a total of 15,153 sets of costumes in 47 styles.

9. NBC paid almost $900 million for exclusive U.S. broadcasting rights.

10. China’s most famous film director, Zhang Yimou, spent 3 years designing the opening ceremony.

11. 18 composers created the 110 minutes of music for the ceremony.

12. Some of the performances were rehearsed for 13 months and some of the rehearsals were 48 hours long.

13. Former gold medal gymnast Ni Ling lit the Olympic cauldron after being hoisted by cables and running around the inside rim of the stadium.

I am enjoying watching the events but what is up with the beach volleyball? The women were as little as possible while the guys have shorts and shirts on. That’s discrimination! The female viewers want to see men’s topless volleyball like in the movie Top Gun. *g*

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Sue says:

I missed watching them 😦 Sounds like an awesome display! Happy TT 🙂

Normally I don’t watch much of the Olympics, but I was intrigued with the openings! They put on the best display I have ever see from anything in that nature. Great list!

This is interesting. We don’t have a TV, so we didn’t watch. Thanks for the review!

Yasmin says:

I wondered the same thing about the women beach volleyball players and I heard the Chinese spent $40 billion dollars for the Begjing Olympics.
Fellow TT Participant

Lori says:

Im with you on the male volleyball!!!Lets see some skin;) Happy TT.

Some good info there. I haven’t seen the volleyball. Following your comment about the girls, I must catch up 😉

One great big optical illusion! Yeesh.

So long as the players aren’t using drugs, I’m good. I am so in love with all the swimming this time around.

LA Day says:

Interestng facts. I agree about the volleyball. We are getting cheated. However, we do get those hunky shirtless swimmers.

I can’t get over the mechanical flagpole thing. Everything is fake! Oh well, it’s good to know the truth. (Thanks for visiting my TT.)

emctara57 says:

Thanks for the great review. Interesting information. I really enjoyed the ceremony.

Elaine says:

It was a great Opening Ceremony. It’s too bad they deemed a child as “not cute enough”. We’re loving every minute of the Olympics. Happy TT!!

jehara says:

the opening ceremonies were awesome. thanks for these interesting tidbits. i have been in an olympic coma since the games began. happy tt. 🙂

You aren’t the only one with the writing funk blues. I’ve been trying to finish a one man play for sev years. I finally find the person to do it, no can’t make myself find the time. I have a “shrink” friend who would have a blast with that one.

We both need to go back to work!

The Pink Flamingo

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