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{July 23, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #62

Thirteen things about my birthday

It’s my birthday, woohoo! Happy Birthday to me.

1. When I turned 35 I started counting backwards

2. That means this year I’m turning 28

3. I know you’re doing the math right now…LOL!

4. I was born in Bayshore New York

5. My birthstone is the ruby

6. I am a Leo

7. I get 2 birthday cakes – one at work and one at home

8. My favorite is ice cream cake

9. My family is taking me out for a steak dinner

10. They got me the new iPhone but it’s on backorder

11. I got to open all my other presents a day early

12. My family spoils me!

13. I always get myself something and this year it was a tattoo

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Nicholas says:

When I got to 35 I stopped. That’s what Ill always be!

Alice says:

Happy Birthday!!! What and where? Tell us about your tattoo. Haha. Have a great day!! My 21st T13 is up.

Happy Birthday! I’m curious about the tattoo, too! I hope you have a great day.

Lori says:

Great list. My oldest son is a Leo too. His birthday is Friday. Happy TT and Birthday:)

Happy birthday – despite the maths 🙂
When I reached 21 I decided from now on I’m 21 and so many months. Seeing that last figure is now approaching 400, I need a new system.

LA Day says:

Happy Birthday!

Lisa K says:

Happy Birthday!!!

Tammy says:

I’m a Leo too! Sounds like a great birthday to me. Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy TT

Jen says:

Happy Birthday!

I became very good friends with one of the great movie stars of the 1930s. Her formula. Well, how old do I look. If you like the answer, run with it. I’m now 8 years younger than my sister who is 4 years younger than I am. It works for me and drives her crazy.

The Pink Flamingo

bellamocha says:

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great one- and the tattoo sounds like fun!! My Thursday thirteen is about birthdays too- well, for my sister’s birthday…take a look!

Happy Thursday too!
Bella 🙂

Kimberley C says:

Happy Belated Birthday. It was my birthday too! I have not started counting backwards…I turned 50 whoo hoo!! I hope your day was great and the next year one of joy. God Bless

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