Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 18, 2008}   Time to buckle down

I’ve got to get out of the lazy days of summer mode and get writing! Vacation is over and its time to do some work. No more aimlessly surfing the net, procrastinating by playing on-line scrabble, or wasting time adding pictures to my collection. I’m going to be focused and disciplined. I’m going to write 10,000 usable words a day.

Sound good? Yeah, I thought so. But seriously, y’all know better, right? My muse has absolutley no concept of discipline and wanders from one story to another without rhyme or reason. *deep, long-suffering sigh*

I am going to attempt to get the muse under control and get some work done. Just wanted to let y’all know so you don’t worry if I disappear for a while. *crossing fingers* That will mean it worked and the muse is behaving.

Oh, stop laughing. Stranger things have happened! In fact, stranger things do happen all the time in my world of fantasy and fiction. *G*


Hey, if you work out how to make the muse behave let me know. I’m thinking it could be a full moon or something. Either that the damn man has gone and found someone else to play with. Yes, my muse is a man. I figure if I’ve got to have someone leading the way he’s gonna be hunk.

ROFL! I’ll let you know if I figure it out, Rhian.

What you need is your sexy hero cracking his whip on you. 😉

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